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The Saga continues! My friend H sent me a facebook message earlier and I was not only surprised but in denial of what transpired. I still am, honestly.
Here's how it went down:
And so.... I'm going to see Bigbang in NY...
Guys you don't understand. I've never been to a Kpop concert. I've been to Jpop/rock concerts in the past. I've been Puffy AmiYumi, Vamps, The Pillows, and even some American artists but like...I've never been to a Kpop concert. And when my plans with A fell through, I had given up all hope this could even happen. I'm still sitting here saying again and again to myself, "I'm going to see BigBang? I'm going to see GD?" and IT'S NOT REGISTERING IN MY BRAIN!!
I feel as if I'm going to wake up and this is all a dream. Or when I do go, I won't fully feel the excitement until the lights dim and the music starts. AM I DEAD OR IN A COMA?! IS THIS SOME CRAZY OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE?!?!
@SkullBunneh I wont ill have a mix of music she likes and sneak some kpop in between
@Marilovexoxo Don't burn her out tho! Change it up a bit or she may get sick of it. Gotta play it cool! I live in CT so we're driving to NY early. Hoping to make a day of it. @RobertMarsh Gotta do what you gotta do! ;D
@Marilovexoxo You still have time to change her mind! I would play Kpop while my friends were over and if I saw them grooving to a song, I'd wait for another hangout and play that song again. If I saw them grooving to it again, I'd let them know who it was. Then I'd switch tactics and always have a video playing the second my friends came to my house and do it again next hangout. That seemed to be the best way to get H to like Kpop. She liked Big Bang but only when we were together. Then I showed her Got7 and didn't think she was into them but I was wrong! It was Got7 that finally hooked her! Bless those boys!
@Marilovexoxo Yeah it took me years to get H to like Kpop at all. I had no friends other than one guy who I could talk to about it but it wasn't the same. But the fact that H wants to see Big Bang is proof on how powerful Kpop is! @soniyarana Yeah they're going to be in NYC the whole weekend! Check ticket master for the time, date, and prices :)
I'm going to the BigBang concert in las Vegas October 2nd :)
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