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The Saga continues! My friend H sent me a facebook message earlier and I was not only surprised but in denial of what transpired. I still am, honestly.
Here's how it went down:
And so.... I'm going to see Bigbang in NY...
Guys you don't understand. I've never been to a Kpop concert. I've been to Jpop/rock concerts in the past. I've been Puffy AmiYumi, Vamps, The Pillows, and even some American artists but like...I've never been to a Kpop concert. And when my plans with A fell through, I had given up all hope this could even happen. I'm still sitting here saying again and again to myself, "I'm going to see BigBang? I'm going to see GD?" and IT'S NOT REGISTERING IN MY BRAIN!!
I feel as if I'm going to wake up and this is all a dream. Or when I do go, I won't fully feel the excitement until the lights dim and the music starts. AM I DEAD OR IN A COMA?! IS THIS SOME CRAZY OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE?!?!
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@SkullBunneh thats smart I'll probably do that when I fly up there because right now I love in Louisiana so im flying to Maryland for a few days and were driving to see them so I was already thinking of playing nothing but kpop the whole time im there and playing tons of bigbang on the drive up so she can get to know there music more. and lol Got7 is hard not to love seriously
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@SkullBunneh ...sneaky girl ㅋㅋㅋ
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@Marilovexoxo Don't burn her out tho! Change it up a bit or she may get sick of it. Gotta play it cool! I live in CT so we're driving to NY early. Hoping to make a day of it. @RobertMarsh Gotta do what you gotta do! ;D
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@SkullBunneh I wont ill have a mix of music she likes and sneak some kpop in between
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why is everyone saying ny... its new jersey o.o
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