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Amber's positive and personal message put to music

Oh my god! I'm so glad she re-released this song with the new video. This is a message everyone needs to learn... I'll find a copy of the song with English translation and post it as soon as possible... below is the original version she put out because she felt that the message couldn't wait
This girl is so awesome and multifaceted... such talent and such a beautiful message... BTW.... that is the name of the song..."Beautiful"
I love her so much and I will fight anyone who talks garbage about her!!
@SaraHanna most people only think of her as a rapper but she is much more @szewwy she freaking rocks
this song makes me feel so nastalgic. what a beautiful melody.
@RobertMarsh thank you so much for posting this!!! I'm crying!
SAME HERE @SkullBunneh
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