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@shannonl5 tagged me to participate in a weekend prompt. Thank you so much! I used to love doing these in my creative writing classes! Here is the link.
This is my prompt

1. It's raining and you don't have an umbrella. You're freaking out, until.........

Rain Does Bring Smiles

It was raining outside. The droplets were beginning to feel like glass shards and everyone was running around downtown like wild cats and dogs. I was super pissed cuz it seems to always rain when I get my hair done at the salon. I wanted to look my best! I had to look my best! I was minding my own bussiness speed walking with a plastic bag over my head. I could feel the humidity and the water slowly turning my sleek straighten hair back to its natural wavy form. My makeup probably was looking at hot mess. Damnit!
It's raining and I don't have an umbrella. I'm freaking out, until suddenly a black foreign car passed by me and splashing water all over me. Now, I'm beyond freaking out. I'm spazzing out! I'm soaked from head to toe. My hair is a mess and my flawless makeup is ruined. I'm no longer concerned about making it to my date with Issac the hot tech guy from school anymore. I jump in front of the car and throw my soaked purse at the window. I'm cussing and throwing explicit hand gestures at the car. I don't care if this person driving is rich! Obviously, he or she cared less about me. I'm in full idgaf mode.


Ji-Yong, G-Dragon himself steps out of the driver seat and runs out into the rain! He apologizes several times. Angry people in traffic blow their horn. He ignores them as they drive around his car. "I'm so sorry. Let me take you to coffee to make it up to you. I'm on my way to Brown's Cafe on 9th street." "You should be sorry! I just left the salon. I'm not getting in that car with you!" I blurt out but my mind is saying shut up and buckle up. "Please. I'm so sorry." GD says in a sincere tone. He now was a drenched as me and we both looked like wild wet cats. "Fine, but if you try to do any crazy stuff I will beat you. I know some gangsta moves." I say while he opens the passenger door of his car.
He turns down the radio. My heart was skipping and jumping. I pinch myself 50 times to see if this was true. Was I really sitting next to GD? Why was I playing hard to get? " So, it's raining crazy out here. What's your name btw?" "I'm Jessamine, and yes its raining crazy." " Well hello Jessamine. I'm Ji-Yong my friends call me GD." "I know who you are!" I blurt out and then blush. I fake a cough to clear my throat. "Yes, Ji-Yong....I know a few." I fake a non chalant tone. He smiles. He see right through my act.
He pulls into a the VIP parking lot of one of the Chanel stores. I begin looking around like a lost pup. "This is not the café Ji-Yong." "Yes, well we both could use some new clothes. The rain did a number on us both. It's the least I could do." He shuts off his engine. "What are you trying to say sir?" "I'm just suggesting." He winks and opens his car door then he opens my side door. "Shall we?" "I guess. This ain't no 30 shades of grey crap? it...cuz I'm not a lady of the night." I say knowing I would do anything GD asked me to do. He laughes. "No, I just met you Jessamine. We can do that next time." He smirks. "What?! Oh you got jokes?" I roll my eyes but follow him.

This girl is nuts! But she's cute. I like it....GD thinks

After the luxurious visit to Chanel. We finally got to Brown's Cafe. "What took you so long?" T.O.P says while raising his eyebrow. He sees me behind GD and then winks at me. "Who do we have here?" "She's Jessamine. Long story short I ruined her day got her all wet and took her shopping. Now we are here." GD says. Everyone had an odd look on their face. My face is beat red. "Got her all wet Ji-Yong?!" Seungri says while laughing. "Leave it to this weirdo to say that! You still watching those exotic films btw?" GD says. "Shh...hush up!" Seungri says. Everyone laughs. " Well bro we all were thinking that too!" Taeyang blurts. "I splashed water on her from my car...geez.." GD shakes his head and rolls his eyes. "Don't mind us Jessamine. We always give each other a hard time. You have such a pretty name." Desung says. "Thanks." I sit between GD and Desung.
Everyone had a fun time. I enjoyed the company and they seemed to enjoy me. GD drove me back to my car after we left the café. I was happy the rain and stopped and the day was clear. "I'm so sorry I ruined your day Jessamine." GD looked me deep in the eyes. "Actually, you made my day! I enjoyed myself. I'm glad you got me all with the splashing and all." GD laughs. "Anytime Jessamine. I mean that though. You treat me like a real person...not some like some celebrity. Can we go out alone next time?" I was so flattered. We exchanged numbers. I let him kiss me on the cheek when he walked me to my car. Now we have been texting and face timing non stop. In the words of GD "neomu joha" I love it!
Okay I cheated a bit lol. I never follow rules lol. Tell me what you think. @shannonl5 @NSSagasshi @VixenViVi @VeronicaArtino @Marilovexoxo @kpopandkimchi @KpopGaby @SarahHawkins
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thanks @Marilovexoxo lol. I tried to capture their silliness. I will plan to do more. Thanks @VeronicaArtino. Lol @SarahHawkins
This was cute ^^
oh this cool
So cute! Also GD is adorable in this >.<