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First of all Happy Birthday to this beautiful llama Amber Liu. May God keep blessing her with many more years of joy and great success!

Beautiful (Special Video)

I know a lot of us have already seen this music video posted on smtown's YouTube channel like around an hour ago, but for those who haven't I have attached it on here. I have also attached down below a video of the English lyrics. The lyrics really touch your heart in a very special way so I highly recommend you watch it if you don't understand the lyrics.

Amber always seems to be so inspirational to many of us as a role model...

I don't really talk about this much... but I've been going through some stuff and hardships these past weeks. I've kind of been isolating myself (comforting myself with kpop/kdramas/kvarietyshows) which is unlike me since I use to be a really happy girl with a smile always on my face even if I was going through some stuff. These past days though I have put myself down so much and I haven't been able to cry about what's going around me but this Video/MV came to me hard and got to me in so many ways. It left me crying my eyeballs out! She reminded me of how valuable each and everyone is no matter the struggles! I have this song on my phone but I had forgotten about it. Thanks Amber for being such a great person and having the right timing!♡♡

I'm Here ♡

I know I might not know you but honestly I want to listen! If you're going through stuff and want to let it out talk to me! It doesn't have to be through comment but you can always send me a message on here, I'll try to get back as soon as possible. I'm here for you if no one is! Always remember you are Beautiful!!♡♡
she is a huge role model for me. and that song touches my soul. this video is perfect. she is probably my favorite celebrity ever.
I am sure this is exactly what Amber wanted to achieve when she released/created this song: to touch people and to connect. She truly is inspirational.
I mean *her sister means the world to her.
Couldn't agree with you even more! All respect to her and I could not be thankful enough for the person she is! I hope she fills her life full of happiness next to her sister! because I know she means the world to her as well with her dad. @SharayahTodd
She is indeed very inspirational :) @baileykayleen