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San Francisco-based artist Vicky Knoop decided to bake her boyfriend a birthday surprise. But apparently she hates him, because instead of baking a nice, normal cake, she created something that, at best, will give you nightmares, and at worst, will give you a heart attack.
If you're okay with seeing disturbing imagery, check out the freaky cake by scrolling past the Warning Sign image below (you know, just to give you a last chance to ~TURN BACK~). You can also see a few pictures of the cake in progress.
This cake from hell was based on the character Split Face from the 1982 science fiction horror film, The Thing. It took 16 hours to make – 10 to sculpt the faces, and another 6 to paint the sides. The interior is made out of everyone's sculptable dessert medium, rice krispie treats! There was a bit of a gruesome crunch sound when they cut into it, Knoop said, but everyone seemed to enjoy the cake anyway.
Here's a short time lapse video of the artist sculpting the rice krispie cake:

Would you want this horrifying cake for YOUR birthday?!

And if this was your girlfriend – would you be happy and surprised, or frightened for your life?

First of all I would want a girlfriend
Holy shiiiiit. It's a scary cake, but you know what....the cake was made well!
Dude, this is AWESOME. I would totally want this for my birthday!
That is so cool.
omg I want that cake only vanilla instead of chocolate or maybe red velvet to make it even more screwed up
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