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"If you get tired
Tired of hanging around.
Pick up a guitar
And spin a web of sound."
I am nothing without music, and I encourage anyone who is feeling lost or bored to give guitar a try.
The Libertines said it best, the guitar is the gateway to unlocking joy, creativity and can even combat boredom! So if you are unsure, read this card, and then start playing today!

1. It is great stress relief.

Music has a way of finding us in our most anxious and paranoid states. Music helps me with everything, and as soon as you start playing you will feel infinitely better! The act of creating anything is a great breather for the mind and provides a safe and creative outlet to relieve stress.
Most people who partake in art or music find it a great source of comfort as well.

2. It can connect you with amazing people.

I've met a lot of my best friends playing in bands and around the local music scene. Playing guitar and learning new things ultimately can lead you to a new group of people and enhance your life! Even online, when I say "I'm a guitar player" it connects me with thousands of other people who do the same thing. It's a major factor in building a community and a network of people you can depend on.

3. It'll make you look super cool.

Playing guitar is just cool, and it always will be. If you're trying to up the bracket as far as the style-factor goes, playing music is a good way of doing so. This is a pretty superficial reason to start playing, but hey if that's your thing...go for it!

4. It makes your brain work faster.

Those who can play instruments demonstrate quicker thought patterns...yay science! So if you're looking for something to help with brain function, playing music gets the neurons firing and will help with cognitive function in all parts of your life.
Music is proven to have a correlation with IQ as well.

5. You're always learning something new.

There are infinite amounts of songs to learn. You could spend your days learning Beatles tunes to play for your friends, or even grow to write your own. Music opens doors. It can make you a better person, and when you actually play the music you love, it creates a ridiculous amount of joy. Trust me.
I love learning new songs. You can always get better at your instrument and will forever be exciting.

So pick up a guitar and get to it! You never know how much joy it will bring you!

Totally adds to the coolness factor! haha men are so much more attractive with a guitar...(wait, what? did I say that out loud?)
iron man is fairly easy @carmaa10
do you guys know an easy song to start out with? I just started learning not too long ago.
I tell my son you have to learn to separate the instruments in your mind so you can hear it clearly. I can't just listen to a song anymore lol
@TessStevens I love playing that way :)
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