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First of all, I haven't posted anything in a long time! It's been like almost a month. So I sincerely apologize because senior year and college apps are like THE most stressful thing I've ever done.
But I figured I need to post SOMETHING. So here it is!
I came across a card on Vingle a couple days ago about this group that I had never heard of before - Monsta X. So I was like, of course I'll watch these videos! This group was formed as a result of the program "No Mercy." (I mean I googled that because I'm new. Who knows, Google may be lying).
After just two songs I was hooked. They're more of a rap group than typical Kpop. I think of like Block B as being similar (except "Her" of course hahaha).
I've only just started admiring them, and I'm sure my obsession will take off, just like how it did with Block B a little over a month ago. I don't know any of their names yet, but it will come! Give me time and I will be a... I don't even know if they have an official fanbase yet because they just debuted this year.
I mean... Just look at them... They got it goin' on. (・ω・)ノ
Wooooohooo! Great choice! Unfortunately we don't have a Fanbase yet :/ I'll help you out a little :) I will name them by name based on the picture on the bottom (left to right). I.M(rapper/knows English), Wonho(vocal/Likes to show his body and work out), Hyungwon(vocal/ likes to sleep), Jooheon(rapper/ king of aegyo), Kihyun(Vocal/ Very good vocals!), Minhyuk(vocal/ very talkative), Shownu (Vocal, Dancer, Leader, Shy sometimes)
I recommend to atleast watch parts of No Mercy if you haven't but you don't have to because it also explain a little more of where some of them came from. For example, Shownu's story of how he was in JYP and how he was training with Got7 members.
:D Shownu (Top Middle) & Wonho (Bottom Left) !!! Yay more Monsta X fans! They need lots more love so I'm so happy to hear you guys are becoming Monsta X fans! @Marilovexoxo Btw I forgot to add, yes they were formed by the show No Mercy which was really painful to watch when the rest were being eliminated (For example #GUN one of my favorites) and when I.M was being dissed by the other members. @TMinusEleven
Definitely agreed :)
Im falling in love with them too I was tagged in a card with there videos and stuff and seriously they are amazingly , I dont know there names either but definitely working on it but I do know(going off the picture with red background) I really like the one top row in the middle and bottom row far left they are really cute lol