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A 16 year old boy (played by Yeo Jin-goo) was raised by 5 criminal "fathers" to become the perfect assassin. When he is involved in his "fathers" plan for the first time, he has to kill someone. After he kills the man, he finds a picture in the house that connects him to a tragic past. His life is turned upside down and their "family" breaks into all out war!
Despite some very dark moments...
They still slip in a few laughs and a crush!
@KellyOConnor and @CandaceJordan It's got really good ratings and you can't beat his acting.👌 @Kamiamon It's on Dramacool.com! ☺
I loved him in Orange Marmalade! I can't wait to see him in this. 😁
@Exoexo This is on my list now. It looks amazing.
@XergaB20 I don't like too much gore either and I don't like super realistic blood. I like action and suspense, not torture-y and grotesque!
@XergaB20 It's totally different from Orange Marmalade! It's pretty gory! But he's so dang cute I had to watch it!
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