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The Culotte: Five Must Have Style Variations

They are what you would call fashionable gauchos.

If your remember the gaucho phase about a decade ago -- hmm, never mind. You probably shouldn't. Gauchos were tragic looking back on the pairs I owned. I'm not too sure who told me my outfit choices were okay, but than again I wasn't dressing for anyone's satisfaction. Now that phase has sailed away [hopefully for good], there's a new trend in town.
Introducing the culotte [the gauchos twin sister]. Culottes have been around the block a time or two before and now they are back to take over your wardrobe, hopefully for good. They've been seen on the runway and you've even seen some of your favorite celebs wearing them, now it's your turn. Below is a bit of inspiration to show you how it's done.

A Pop Of Color

You need at least one pop of color for each specific item you own. When purchasing a pair of culottes in a color that stands out, allow that piece of clothing to do the talking for the rest of your outfit.

The Leather

We all live for a good piece of leather clothing. Let a pair of leather culottes give you life.

The Printed

The idea of too much print being too over the top is so yesterday. The more print, the better.

The Neutral Color

We all love a neutral tone when it comes to clothing or anything for that matter, so a pair of neutral culottes should definitely make the cut.

The Black

All black everything is always a must and a nice tailored pair of culottes is the ultimate must have.

There is no question about it.

You need some or at least a pair.
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