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It airs 11 PM on Monday & Tuesday, exactly on the 5th of february. See you then everyone ^.^ Let's see what will happen to them. *Vietnamese live recap: http://www.vingle.net/posts/106710 *indonesian live recap :http://www.vingle.net/posts/106711 sorry everyone!!! i decide to buy the new computer... actually there was no button to edit for a while i don't know what happens. Anyway sorry for being late. Let's start. KK decides to stay with DM and he knows JL's identification. SY supports his love and advise that do not give up like me. So KK calls to JL. KK: i can't put DM beside you, JL. You hide so many things. i will be with DM. JL and KK both rush to go to DM. In the party that DH hold. There is DM and DH's first loved one. korean teacher. When DM stand in front of the teacher, DM is shocked. At that time KK and JL arrives the party and they both get angry to DH who makes this plot. DM confesses her past like when she was a high school student, she loved someone. But once a day, people around me criticize because of the reason that she didn't know. Since then, she start to hide herself. KK talks to JL. KK: i think someone has to be with DM but you're not someone. Are you innocent all the things? you're not honest! JL: You know all the things about me? Have you ever failed anything? Have you ever missed something? you're not adult. i can't accept you. DM tries to leave here so she is seaching for new apartment. KK came back DM. DM: Why do you come back here? i tried the dice game that you made...but from now..i won't throw the dice again. KK: ...please conceal yourself. The highschool teacher who is your first love...at that time, he thought the teacher position is more important than you...because to live...but after a while, he felt really sorry for you so he quit that position.... you know what I mean? He came here to apolozige you. DM: ...it is not the way that i want...okay i see...i can overcome this so would you please leave me alone? i want to walk by myself for a while.... After her leaving, he says....it is a lie... The director of the webtoon...she is hanging around the club.. wow scary...she says : Do not touch myself !!!! She finds JL's brother who owe someone debts. She hesitates to sign in joint surety. The director: please wait give me a second..if i sign this, i'm afraid that my kidney is disappeared!!!! (with bad words) Anyway she signs up this. DM visits KK to pay back the hospital bills. DM: Could i step in? -JL's house- The middle aged woman and man drop by JL's house. They deliver the message that DM is going to move... After hearing this, he is shocked. in the past, he said : DM, i need you to be there for me. KK has a chat...just for himself.. DM: Thank you. KK: Oh really? hehe thanks for returning, right? DM: ....Thank you for everything you've done for me. i've done nothing for you...but you did so many things for me.... KK: Hehehehehe then from now, let's go with me at signing event for fans. DM: Good person.... KK: i know hehehe DM: JL.....is good person..i can bring up things in my mind...to him... KK: ....Okay...you decided this with serious worry, right? okay i acknowledge.. DM suggests JL that would you like to go Van Gogh display with her. JL is impressive KK hears it behind the wall. KK: ...CHIT..I like Van Gogh more than him (Oh my god.....you're kidding...car accident?) KK falls down and the car is coming to him.... The sweet ost comes out... ~i hope it will be you~ ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish No way !!!!! KK got car accident? really? what happens? I will post the preview of ep 11 soon with VOD. ㅜㅜPLEASE i hope nothing bad happens...
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Here is indo live recap www.vingle.net/posts/106711 i will edit the post soon!!!
Here I am again... :)
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Hi everyone, here is Vietnamese live recap: http://www.vingle.net/posts/106710