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@danidee provided another fantastic challenge, and it's Friday so why not participate!
Here's my "Me in 5 GIFS" answers, I strongly encourage you to take part!!!

1. What is your spirit animal?

2. How do you feel about spicy food?

3. What kind of drunk are you?

4. What do you look for in a significant other?

5. What's your flirting style?

Sorry for all of the shameless Libertines gifs ;) You knew it was coming @danidee

I charge you all to do this! It is so fun!

and anyone else who dares!

Have a Happy Friday y'all!

@danidee ....yes. hahah but spicy food injures me so it's accurate!
hahahh @jordanhamilton I think my favorite is the last one, the flirting style, like "no, you can't have this." hahahahahahahahah Your card was amazing as well, gotta believe in the power of gifs
so much pete doherty*
Bahahha did he drop his cigarette on himself?
It's called "Hard to get" @alywoah
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