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So this week was the week of the Sensitive/Creative Guy on Vingle (that's not true don't believe that), so I figured I should switch things around a bit and talk about the negative aspects of dating a creative/sensitive type. Now, everything on the list is generally my experience with myself -- since I tend to display all of these traits.
I don't think all of these things apply to all creative/sensitive guys but I do think they have a tendency to be this way more than other people. But what do I know, I'm barely a human and hardly a hamster. Anyway, remember to take this list with a grain of salt (or sugar or whatever your preferred metaphor is).


Okay, so I'm not as narcissistic as Schmidt (above, New Girl). But I definitely have been told that I constantly talk about myself. I mean, it's not like I'm bragging about my life or anything. But, like, how are all my friends going to know that I write and record my own music in my bedroom? Or how are strangers on the Internet going to know that I'm working on my Dystopian-Science-Fiction-Young-Adult-Romance-Post-Post-Modern-Bohemian Novel, if I'm not constantly talking about it?!
I've been in relationships where my partner at the time would have to tell me to shut up or make it a point to tell me how I was constantly humble-bragging about my life. I really want to say that I've changed and I'm cool now but that's not true. I can admit that I absolutely love talking about myself.


I am not the cleanest individual. I mean, sure, I take showers everyday (that's a lie) and I almost always wear clean clothes any time I leave the house (not even close to true) but my living area is generally a mess (this is true). I like having things in certain places and sometimes those places are the floor and the bed, and sometimes those things are dirty plates and cups and laundry.
Listen, I try my best, okay? I'm still pretty young (nope) and I think I get a pass when it comes to keeping things a little clean. And hey, if we were in some relationship, I'd be sure to hide all the dirty things I've kept in my room in the closet. Out of sight, out of mind, right?


Being sensitive is definitely a great thing for me. I'm more in touch with my feelings than most people (probably false) and that includes the more negative emotions as well. Sometimes it feels like I don't get angry or sad; I feel like I become Anger and Sadness. I have more holes in my wall than people usually do in their entire homes. My knuckles are so broken that my right hand looks perpetually swollen.
I'm slowly learning how to deal with these things in a positive way and hopefully it'll get easier for me. I tend to not get intense in front of a partner if we're having an argument, I usually bottle it up until I can go home and turn into a self-destructive idiot.

Low Self-Opinion

I'm not sure if this is true for all creative people but I'm sort of blind to my own creativity. The things that I do that I put my heart and soul into just look like regular things to me and it takes someone else to tell me that it's good for me to believe that it is okay. The pressure I put on myself creatively, I think, leads me to believe that I am not good at anything.
I know many of my friends and many of the authoritative figures in my life see a lot of potential in me to "be great" but I just don't see it. I'd much rather be considered a normal guy instead of having the crushing weight of expectation on my shoulders.
In a previous relationship, this started a lot of uncomfortable conversations. I always feel surprised when I'm in a relationship so when my partner would say something like "I love you" or "I'm so happy to be with you", I would respond with, "Why?" or "No, you aren't. You can be with someone much better." And there were a couple of times where I have ended a relationship because I believed I was holding this person back. So, you know. There's that.
In a relationship, I will always think there is someone better for you. There is always someone better than me. I am no one. I am nothing (this is true).
Welp. That was a bummer. Sorry guys. Again, I don't think all the stuff on the list above applies to all guys who consider themselves more on the sensitive/creative side. I just happen to have a lot of issues that I'm working out.
Anyway, if you missed out on any Sensitive Guy stuff, I linked to them below.
I would agree with the fact that most people that are creative also have a low self-opinion. but I think it is because they are their own worst critic and they strive to do their best.
@nicolejb that's very very true. sometimes it's hard though, to see past your own self-doubt. i'm glad you can take it and make it positive