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Jimmy Carter on the Kiss Cam!

Former president Jimmy Carte and his wife, Rosalynn, were caught on the "Kiss Cam" during tonight's game between the Atlanta Braves and the Toronto Blue Jays!

This is definitely the cutest kiss I've seen on the Kiss Cam! Good old Jimmy seems mad happy :)

I love the Carters and I wouldn't mind sitting through a Braves game with them.
And hopefully one day, I can be caught on the Kiss Cam with my significant other!

Where art thou my lover who also loves baseball?

So precious!
@ButterflyBlu Hmmm we'll have to see about that
Hahahaha awwww @mchlyang this brought a big, goofy smile to my face :) Seeing old people in love always give me the warm fuzzies. Don't worry, you'll find somebody to grow old and watch baseball with!! :D love comes when you least expect it! Maybe just keep taking dates to baseball games until you finally get caught on the kiss cam ;)
Hahaha that meme is everything. I’m not a huge fan of baseball, but even I love going to baseball games. because who doesn’t want to be on the kiss cam with their SO?
@mchlyang STILL better than cheering for the Pirates... :P
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I'm Ashamed of My Hometown
San Diego, get your shit together. Each year at the Padres stadium, Petco Park, the LGBT society in SD holds an event called "Out at the Park" that is meant to bring the community together for an evening of baseball. This year, Petco Park really, really screwed up. The San Diego Men's Gay Chorus was meant to sing the national anthem before the game to represent the LGBT community for this event. Their voices were never heard. The stadium let them take the field, and then as they were about to sing, a recorded female voice instead sang the anthem (which, if you've been to a Padres game, isn't something that happens - we always have live singing) The men had to walk off the field hearing people shouting profane, homophobic things at them. The Padres said it was a mistake, a technical error, a third party contractor, and that they were sorry. But that doesn't explain the other examples of mistreatment. Days prior to the game, the Padres organization told the performers that the chorus would have to pay for their tickets in order to sing. This is not something that happens, ever. If you perform the national anthem, you get to enter the park for free, DUH. Why did the Padres suddenly want this now? That would have cost the small organization thousands of dollars, and after dispute they were finally allowed in as performers. You can listen to their great voices here when they performed in 2015. It's a pity their voices weren't heard this year. Get it together Padres, you're a disappointment in baseball but don't be a disappointment to your entire community.
The Most Unfortunate Baseball Player Ever
It's official. Shelby Miller is the most unfortunate baseball player in the world. He extended his winless streak to twenty three games. He hasn't won a single game since his two-hit shutout against the Miami Marlins on May 17th. And last night, he recorded his 16th loss of the season, placing him in the number one spot with the most losses. He is also the only starting pitcher in MLB history to record 16 or more losses in a season with an ERA of 3.00 or better. And you know what the sad part is? His teammates haven't been too cooperative when he was the starting pitcher. The stats below show Miller's basic stats the past twenty-three games he's started and run support he received. IP = Innings Pitched / RA = Run(s) Allowed / RS = Run Support 6.0 IP 2 RA (RS: 2) 7.0 IP 1 RA (RS: 0) 4.1 IP 4 RA (RS: 1) 7.0 IP 1 RA (RS: 3) 6.1 IP 3 RA (RS: 1) 5.2 IP 1 RA (RS: 0) 7.0 IP 1 RA (RS: 0) 5.0 IP 4 RA (RS: 0) 6.1 IP 0 RA (RS: 0) 5.0 IP 5 RA (RS: 0) 6.0 IP 1 RA (RS: 0) 7.1 IP 1 RA (RS: 0) 6.0 IP 4 RA (RS: 1) 7.0 IP 2 RA (RS: 3) 5.0 IP 2 RA (RS: 0) 7.0 IP 1 RA (RS: 1) 6.1 IP 3 RA (RS: 3) 6.2 IP 4 RA (RS: 3) 7.0 IP 1 RA (RS: 0) 4.1 IP 7 RA (RS: 0) 6.0 IP 3 RA (RS: 0) 3.2 IP 4 RA (RS: 1) 6.0 IP 2 RA (RS: 0) *Over the course of twenty three games, he recorded 15 losses, an ERA of 3.65 (138 IP 56 Earned Runs) Looks like Shelby Miller doesn't have any friends....I mean what are the hitters doing when Miller comes out to pitch! I really do hope Shelby Miller ends his unlucky streak next time he starts and I'm not even a Braves fan!
MLB Top Plays of the Day (09/11/15)
Here are your Top 5 Plays of the Day! 5. Rougned Odor (Texas Rangers) What a catch by Odor! Of course, the shift definitely helped, but that's what stats are for, right? Even Shin Soo Choo thought Odor wasn't going to make that catch. Look at him backing up Odor and getting ready to jump for the bounce. The Rangers are on fire and looking to clinch the division title from the Astros. And they also beat the A's 4-0. 4. Kyle Schwarber (Chicago Cubs) A Top Play-worthy play from another hot team, the Chicago Cubs! No fence is going to stop Schwarber from making an amazing play. What a nice over-the-shoulder running catch from the Cubs left-fielder to rob a potential double from Ryan Howard. The Cubs beat the Phillies 7-3. 3. Daniel Castro (Atlanta Braves) Diving play and a perfect throw on his knees by Daniel Castro! The Braves rookie, who's been spectacular so far, robbed a hit from Tejada. Castro also showed some skills at the plate collecting two hits. His team however lost to the Mets 5-1. 2. Michael Bourn (Atlanta Braves) Another great play from the Atlanta Braves and possibly one of the best catches of the year as well. Conforto hits one deep center but Michael Bourn makes the catch! I personally thought that was going over the fence, but the Braves' center fielder certainly didn't think so. Not to piss off any Braves fans, but again, the Braves lost this one 5-1. 1. Angel Pagan (San Francisco Giants) It doesn't look like the Giants are going to make the playoffs this year but Pagan is still on his a-game. Kemp certainly thought he hit his 22nd home run of the season, but no! Pagan robs Kemp's homer and leads the Giants to a 9-1 victory over the Padres. Now that was your Top 5 Plays of the Day from last night's games! What was your favorite play of the day? @christianmordi @jeff4122 @ljk901023 *If you guys would like to be tagged every time I upload a Top 5 Plays of the Day card, please let me know by commenting on the comments section below!