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I was tagged by @danidee to do 5 Gifs for 5 questions so, here it is! CHANNINGMYTATUM!! SO AUTOCORRECT ATTACKED ME, BUT I LAUGHED SO I LEFT IT! XD I MEANT CHALLENGE ACCEPTED...

Question 1: Spirit Animal.

Question 2: How I feel about spicy food

Question 3: What kind of drunk am I.

Question 4: What I look for in a significant other.

Question 5: Flirting Style.

I tag @Taijiotter & anyone else who wants to participate I don't own the gifs used I'm posting in the multiple communities if anyone wants to do it as well.
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i love it
2 years ago·Reply
@VinMcCarthy thank you! I most definitely do as well! @B1A4BTS5ever thank you dear!! ^•^
2 years ago·Reply
@AimeeH Welcome
2 years ago·Reply
im going to say you tagged me aimee
2 years ago·Reply