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The Thing and The Human Torch are accounted for: What about Reed and Sue?

We've known for a while now that Marvel is no longer running a Fantastic Four comic. Whether it's because of their ongoing franchise struggles with Fox, or just because sales aren't stellar, it seems like a solid business move. However, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm both seem to have found teams to join up with in Marvel's All-New All-Different universe reboot. Ben has been seen with the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Johnny is featured in Uncanny Inhumans.

But where are Reed and Sue?

Do you think they're not going to survive the current story arc? Is Marvel saving them for something further down the line? Are they going to try to incorporate them in another story and swipe them back from Fox like they did with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch?
@JeanPaulGaleano @DigitalJediX @buddyesd @loftonc16 @smnthcarter773 @caitlind9898 @Chronosphere @tardisdragon7 @DonovanMoore @najalong1998 do you think they're on a break, or is this going to be a permanent change?
I think its a break. I think their disappearance is tied to Dr. Doom somehow. Especially given the recent(current) Secret Wars event.
They probably are waiting to introduce them again. Or at least I hope so. 馃槄
It's kind of frustrating the way we yet to see any couple super heroes where their story is told and with recent avengers mess I'm not sure if we ever get to see this anytime soon...
@loftonc16 @DigitalJediX @smnthcarter773 yeah I'm also hoping it's a break. Since it's most likely tied to Doom, maybe their return will be as well?
I was wondering that my self. would love to see more of them if allowed.
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