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Mishka, a sea otter at the Seattle Aquarium was the first otter to be diagnosed with asthma. Dr. Lesanna Lahner diagnosed the otter after she noticed the otter having trouble breathing due to wildfires in the Seattle area.
Trainers at the Aquarium us food to train Mishka to take a deep breathe out of a special-made inhaler. And it’s adorable.
At first glance this new story seems like a fluff piece. “Awww look at the cute otter using an inhaler” and you would be right. It IS adorable. But when it comes down to it, the otter is truly telling us something about our environment.
The case for asthma in humans has increased 20-25% in some places. The environment is changing, and air pollution is affecting our health.

Now that animals are getting asthma, this is just another case for us to reflect on how we are treating our earth.

how cute is this little guy!!@
@nicolejb Yes I did know that......they also love humans so much that they share their clams (their favorite) with humans
They are one of my favorite animals @mchlyang. did you know they hold hand and float on their bellies when they are sleeping?!
This is both the cutest and saddest thing I've seen today.......and sea otters are one of the nicest creatures on Earth
I know @nikkinjg :( poor little otter. it’s nice the otter has human help though! (even though humans created the mess. lol)
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