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So, out of boredom, to practice my social skills and to get out of my comfort zone, I decided to download a chatting/communication app that is on the global scale. I figure, how best to improve myself than to discuss things with those who have a completely different upbringing in a completely different environment? I do believe life is about connections, experiences and learning. However, I'm a horrible conversationalist, who dislikes small talk, but also, doesn't trust until a few months, possibly years, into any kind of relationship. And I don't flirt. I'm the, "seduce you with awkwardness" type. It doesn't sound attractive, but it somehow works.
And is it just me being inexperienced..... Is "Hi" really an acceptable opening? I'm sincerely asking haha I really don't know how I've started talking to people. Thinking on it, I Usually start with, "Hello! Welcome to GNC! May I help you with anything today?" but I get the feeling that's not gonna work here lol And how do you respond to, "Hi"?? Or any other greeting for that matter? Haha >.< This may be more difficult than I thought haha
Bahahaah well-played, sir. Well-played.
@danidee Why? When I can use my own?
I think "Hi" is a very acceptable opening. And as for the response, I'd say just say hello back and maybe jump into interests. I think once you ask someone or talk to someone about hobbies and interests, it will stray away from small talk and you can always ask follow up questions to make is a solid conversation!
nope. Best line would be "Do you like pokemon? and Im superserial"
Lol @VinMcCarthy I'd totally respond to that!! Bahaha @Arellano1052 nice comeback ;D Awkward seduction is totally a thing. I can back you up on that, because it's happened to me before lol. I've tindered pretty extensively, and I would say the best conversations are the ones where people ask thoughtful questions. Think of something you'd like to ask humanity. Moral or philosophical questions, even. It's always cool to hear people's responses to those :)
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