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After not so free and relaxing summer, because of all the exams I had to pass, I finally did it all and rewarded myself with crazy "hotel&spa" life at Slovenian seaside. I travel a lot, but staying at hotels isn't my thing. Like most of us I usually travel on budget, so that means staying at hostels and couchsurfing. But this time, I got this crazy good deal with a hotel and I took it.
It was a complex of 8 hotels, and I got to enter in eaxh of them for a dinner or a spa day. Treat yo'self! :)
Tho, the sea in Slovenia isn't so ideal I still had lots of fun with visiting beach bars, spas and drinking wine on the dock late at night. It was a small break from reality and it really helped me to relax and mentaly prepare myself for a new student year.
@rodiziketan lol exactly!
yeah, it was the whole point. Now, back to reality, that means back to vingling :) lol @VinMcCarthy
this is dope! awesome, dude. I'm glad you were able to get some relaxation in.