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After not so free and relaxing summer, because of all the exams I had to pass, I finally did it all and rewarded myself with crazy "hotel&spa" life at Slovenian seaside. I travel a lot, but staying at hotels isn't my thing. Like most of us I usually travel on budget, so that means staying at hostels and couchsurfing. But this time, I got this crazy good deal with a hotel and I took it.
It was a complex of 8 hotels, and I got to enter in eaxh of them for a dinner or a spa day. Treat yo'self! :)
Tho, the sea in Slovenia isn't so ideal I still had lots of fun with visiting beach bars, spas and drinking wine on the dock late at night. It was a small break from reality and it really helped me to relax and mentaly prepare myself for a new student year.
this is dope! awesome, dude. I'm glad you were able to get some relaxation in.
yeah, it was the whole point. Now, back to reality, that means back to vingling :) lol @VinMcCarthy
@rodiziketan lol exactly!