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This year, several promising 2015 horror movies have been released, including the remake of Poltergeist, The Gallows, and the much-anticipated Insidious: Chapter 3. Poltergeist and The Gallows are at the bottom of my list in the top 10 horror movies of 2015 so far, while Insidious 3 got mixed reviews. But, more great horror movies are popping up this year so stay tuned. So far, the movies with the best reviews include It Follows and The House on Pine Street, with their eerie atmosphere and intense scariness. Some other promising upcoming horror movies include, Sinister 2, Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension and Crimson Peak.

The House on Pine Street

Following a mental breakdown, a woman who is 7-months pregnant is forced to return to her hometown. She struggles to regain control of her life after her relationship with her husband deteriorates. Her fear of motherhood and her overbearing mother only add to the problem. As her sanity weakens, she starts to observe strange occurrences in the house, leading her to question if the house is haunted. Released on February 28, critics have praised the psychological-horror film and named it one of 2015’s best horror movies.

It Follows

After a sexual encounter, 19-year old girl Jay finds herself followed by an entity. She learns that this curse has been passed to her by the sexual encounter and the only way to get rid of it to pass it on to someone else the same way. But, if that person dies by its hand, the entity will again follow her to kill. Now she must seek her friend’s help to save herself. This tense and incredibly scary horror movie has garnered positive reviews is one of the best scary movies of 2015 so far.


In this post –apocalyptic film a teenage girl becomes infected with a virus that slowly turns her into a zombie. Her father, a Midwest farmer, takes her home to care for her. He attempts to save her life during her transformation, but ultimately has to make a hard decision about her fate. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Abigail Breslin, this 2015 horror film offers great dramatic performances.


In this remake of a classic horror film, a family experiences paranormal activity in their new suburban home. Their daughter begins communicating with a paranormal entity and is soon abducted, so the family contacts the Paranormal Research department to get their daughter back. Though not one of the best scary films this year, it does pay homage to the original.

Insidious: Chapter 3

Insidious 3 is the prequel to the original movie, in which the Lambert family is haunted in their new home. In the film, Elise Rainier, a gifted psychic reluctantly agrees to use her ability to contact the dead in order to help a teenage girl who has been targeted by a dangerous supernatural entity. The movie was released on June 5 and regarded as one of the scariest films of 2015, although not equivalent to the original movie.

The Gallows

The Gallows is a found-footage horror film set twenty years after the tragic death of a high school student who was killed during a school play. Students at the small town school decide to restage the failed production in a misguided attempt honor the anniversary of the tragedy. But, soon events take a turn for the worse and it becomes apparent that some things are better left to rest. This film is not one of 2015’s best horror movies, but it is still a top 10 worthy horror film this year so far.

Sinister 2

This is the sequel to the film Sinister. In the aftermath of the first film’s event, a single mother and her twin sons move into the house where evil spirit, Bughuul, dwells. The spirit tries to convince one of the children to kill his entire family and film the murders, while Deputy So & So is determined to stop these murders. This film has the potential to become one of 2015’s best horror films.

Before I Wake

This horror-thriller film centers on an orphaned 8-year old boy named Cody. His adoptive parents believe his fear of falling asleep is associated with the trauma he endured in his previous home, but they soon find out that Cody’s dreams becomes reality. To save him, they attempt to unfurl the truth behind Cody’s night terrors. The movie will be hitting the big screen in September and promises to be one of the best horror-thriller dramas of the year.

Crimson Peak

Set in 19th century England, this film follows the life of a young, aspiring author named Edith Cushing. After a family tragedy, she is torn between love for her childhood friend and a mysterious, charming stranger. She falls in love with the stranger and moves to a crumbling mansion in a largely rural and mountainous region of northern England. She soon finds out that her husband may not be the person he claims to be and that the house breathes, bleeds, and remembers. This gothic horror-romance flick is likely to be one of the scariest and innovative films of 2015.

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

In the sixth installment of the Paranormal Activity series, a family who has just moved into a new home discovers a video camera in their garage and tapes that reveal paranormal activity. Strange events begin to occur and they must find a way to save their daughter who is being targeted. Releasing on October 28, this found-footage horror movie will arrive just before Halloween this year!
Man, I love Guillermo del Toro. I'd follow him into a Barbie movie (he'd have to lose his mind, yes?) So, obviously, I am hyped for Crimson Peak. This is my favorite genre, though. I'll likely see them all.
This is so great! I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to horror movies but I think I'll see Crimson Peak despite the fact that I probably won't be able to sleep after. It looks amazing!
While I really think that you might want to look into expanding your horror catalogue beyond what will be coming out in domestic theatres, I really do appreciate any horror-focused posts at all on here. So, thank you. Here are some titles you may have missed out on that I thought should have received a bit more attention from main stream media. 1. The Visit 2. We Are Still Here 3. Deep Dark 5. Crimson Peek 6. Landmine Goes Click 7. The Final Girls 8. It Follows 9. Hidden 10. The Gift
I can't do horror movies...there's too much reality and I don't want to invite that into my life.
yeah, me too haha. @ButterflyBlu
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