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Who's turning up this weekend?

It's not just me, right? Now that the work week is (finally) over, sexy people everywhere are getting ready to hit the club and let loose!!
When you spot a hottie, you gotta have a plan! Try one of these 3 fast flirting tips to make a strong first impression and lay the groundwork for future encounters.

Think up an original compliment.

Stop using the same old lines as everybody else. Forget "You smell nice," – try, "That perfume reminds me of when my mom used to bake my brothers and I sugar cookies. Am I detecting some hints of vanilla?" Or if you're not great at smells, try something along the lines of, "That's a really nice bracelet. Does it have any special meaning for you?" In other words, notice something about her that you think no one else would notice. Does she have a cute eye freckle? Does her purse match her shoes? Do her collarbones looks especially nice? Notice the details, and present your complimentary observation in a unique way that says something about you as well (that you're smart, witty, sensitive, or cultured). Everybody's been complimented on their eyes; but a unique compliment will really stick in her mind.

Use the push-and-pull technique.

The goal of the push-and-pull technique is to pique a girl's curiosity, and get her thinking about you. How you do it: show her that you're interested, but then dial it back again, retreating so that she's left unsure as to whether you're into her or not. Frankly, I'd like to kick myself for telling you dudes this, because I have fallen for this move countless times... but I can't blame myself. It's natural: if you're unsure how someone feels about you, you start to think about them more and more until you conclude that, "Well, since I'm thinking about him so much, I must be into him!"

Make her associate you with positive feelings.

Science says that people who ride rollercoasters together are more likely to fall in love. So do something thrilling together! Even if you're just hitting the dance floor, make it an adventure. Give her the sense that something thrilling and dangerous (but never frightening) is happening. In addition, find out what she loves and talk to her about it. If her face is lighting up and she's smiling genuinely, you know you're doing it right. She won't be able to help but think of you when she remembers how much fun she had.
@EddiePozo @mchlyang These flirting tips are a little more on the advanced end of the spectrum – are you boys up for the challenge??
Love & Relationship Vinglers, have you ever tried these moves before?

And more importantly, who's giving them a try this weekend?

@allischaaff I'll do the whole coffee date idea then! I only run into her for a few minutes on Fridays (I teach a group fitness class, she's front desk) so nothing to lose
@VinMcCarthy Yessss hahahaah that should do the job
Wow cant believe I just saw this one! I dont know about the smell of my mom baking....but yes. I'll try to think up and original compliment this weekend ;)
Decided to go salsa dancing last minute, definitely going to use the push and pull idea. Any suggestions on a co-worker you see once a week/have lightly been flirting with?
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