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It aris at 10 pm on Wendesday & Thursday exactly on 6th of February. See you then guys ^.^ Keep following me *Vietnamese Live recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/105819 *Indonasian Live recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/107122 -Characters- Kim Saewon ( SW) Han Gillo (GL) Gong Doha (DH) Milae (ML) Kim wonseok (WS) Let's start. When SW enters the interview, GL is shocked. ML asks some questions to SW. She did good job. Before going out, GL takes hold of her. He wonders about her resume because her name, her age all the things are wrong. But she answers that all is true for me. GL: Then do you have a boyfriend? SW:Do i have to answer it? There is nothing to do with this interview. GL: Then you don't have to answer. SW: Okay ! i have a boyfriend and he loves me ! Actually it is her work as a member of the national intelligence. Her superior orders to enter his company. YS: From now, he is not our team. On the other hand, the interview reminds him. GL calls to WS, her boss. WS lies to GL that SW quit the national intelligence 1 year ago so she is not related to our team. GL: Um..but it is too strange! Maybe it is quite deliberate! Why does she choose our company among other? WS: Never mind. Just get her employed. SW's home. DH visits her house and he tells the reason why she got this mission. DH: A month ago, we trespass on his house because we heard that there is no one in his house for vacation. There is a small safe in his house. SW:because of that safe? DH: No..i think we got the wrong information. He could barely escape his house. So everyone discuss the other way to get infromation about his safe. When they were the team, GL likes SW so other people recomanded SW to undertake that task. At that time, GL comes to SW's home. GL : Hey do you have time? Let's eat together. SW: What? how do you know my address? GL: You wrote it on your resume. SW: i didn't write my address because of that purpose. GL wants to enter her house...SW prevents him from entering her house because there is DH in her house. GL: A cup of water please SW: No GL: Then let's buy the water together. SW: No.. Anyway to hide it, she brings him out to buy water....because he sees her underwear .. GL persuades her to request special consideration for a job position but SW gets angry about his attention. So she storms out of the room. She calls her director, WS. SW: Hey director, i bagged him to get a job position but maybe it is difficult to pass... Meanwhile GL also calls to WS that i met her a few minutes ago.. WS: Did she bag for a job position? GL: NO ! i think you don't have mind to get a job ! After he hands over the water, he goes back. But she kicks it kkkk (You know water is essential for our life kk so she uses it all.) Anyway SW gets a job. Before going to work, her employees advise about her fashion. YS: You have to make him fall in love with you with fantastic fashion ! In GL's father, JM's office. ML speaks in threatening tone to JM. JM's wife doubts the relationship between ML and JM. JM's wife: You put ML as a fiancee of GL because you think GL has a lack of ability to handle the work. right? GL: I'd like to face to face talk with new employee. When she enters his room, GL gets little angry about her. GL: I think this is a destiny. Even you have a boyfriend, i don't like you be with him. SW: i don't have a boyfriend at that time, i thought that if i tell the truth, it can influence our interview so i tell a lie. GL: You lie again? ....i can't understand...i can't believe..anymore...why do you tell a lie? She reminds her boss's saying : You are endowed with lie ability. You are the first person to lie the lie detector. SW goes out. During the breaktime, he install the location tracing in her bag. Someone comes to meet ML. He is a brother of WH who had died a year ago. He says that drag JM out i will handle it even using his son. How many days passing from my brother's funeral. He laughs like a hyena looking GL. SW got a mission to hack GL's computer. When she is coming back finishing her mission, her boss talks about GL. SW: You have to be more active. you have to tempt him. GL is tracing her location. People around SW got information that GL is coming. When the door is opened, she pretends to act like this is a part time job. He gets disappointed that she works two jobs. GL: I will buy these all! so you have to focus on your work. SW: Really? GL: Charge it please. The director: 2401 million won. GL's hands are shilver....what? 2401 million won? Anyway SW prevents him from charging. After say good bye, her boss makes a call. YS: What are you doing now? catch him with any reason!!!! SW: What? boss ㅜnㅜ please..i can't YS: Hurry up !!!!!! So they watch movie together and GL feels sorry for her... GL: i'm sorry that i didn't believe you... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish :0 wow sweet ending .... i wish i have a boyfriend like GL.
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