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[Level7 Civil Servant] LIVE RECAP EP6

It airs at 10 pm on Wendesday & Thursday exactly on 7th of February. See you then guys~ * Vietnamese live recap :http://www.vingle.net/posts/106886 * Indonesian live recap :http://www.vingle.net/posts/107497 i'm here to do a live recap for you guys!!! Actually as i mentioned that there are many problems on my computer so i decided to buy the new computer ^.^ From next live recap, i will start with my new computer. Sorry for being late ㅜnㅜ Let's start GL is in SW's home. GL makes fun of SW's underware. wow so SW has a punch to GL. GL has a nosebleed.. Anyway they decide to make food by themselves.. GL is good at cooking. SW: Wow you make this ingredient in my house? GL: Cooking is not made of ingredient. it is my skill ! Actually when i was in military service, i was a kitchen police. GL: Is it really delicious? um... SW: Yes delicious. you said you were a kitchen police in military sevice. GL: Yes,, actually in military service, the important thing is speed, not taste. ( KKKK so cute ) GL hands the present to his mother. GL: Hey mother, this is a present for you (Actually he bought this present by SW. You remember the last ep? To conceal her identification, she disguises as a part timer.) GL's mother: What? you bought the same two consmetics for me? then you should have bought it for father. GL: Um..? father? he likes money. Anyway GL buys the cosmetics for his employees. Of cousre this is for SW to bring her results. SW enters his room. SW: How much? Why do you buy this? SW has complaints about his acting. SW: You intend to buy my time with your money. GL: Okay then give me!!! 600000 won for ten. But she doesn't have that amount of money. At that time, her friend calls to SW. Her friend says that please fill in this registration form with your co workers. you are in the national intelligence service. SW gets angry. SW: i didn't work there anymore ! who said that? Her friend: Your mother already said that. When she talks to her mother, her mother asks a favor to her. Her mother: Your father become a village foreman but um..his pledge is making our villege enviromental city. so we want you make an effort for this . ....SW quit the phone. (Actually the national intelligence service members have to hide their identification. They should not their position to everyone) GL's father, JM went to see the person by ML's threat. While he is walking, WH's brother stabs him. Actually this is not ML's purpose. WH's brother : Listen carefully to what i say. Next turn is your son. GL tries to catch him but fail. At parking lot, DH and SM fight against him but WH's brother slits her wrist and then runs away. DH: She is woman, if you scratch on her face, i never forgive you. To protect her, DH stops following him. After hearing this news, SW reminds ML's saying. (ML : JM starts to move, Do not act rashly.) She starts to search her information. DH and SM are in the hospital. SM: You were worried if getting hurt on my face? DH: Yes because if you are wound on your face, it is hard to work on public. It is easy to remember. SM: Only that reason? DH: What else? (This couple is also cute) GL inquires after his father's health. GL's father are worried about his son ..maybe if he stays here, he will be in danger. Therefore his father kicks him out. GL gets disappointed because of this. On the other hand...the doctor laughs like a hyena... maybe his father is in danger .. In front of the hospital room. SW is there. SW brings his clothes to change and consoles him. GL: ...and 600000 won.. SW: give your account number ! GL: i'm sorry.....actually i tried to buy your time with money.. SW: No it's my fault actually i'm afraid of breaking the friendship between us. GL: No. it's not friendship ! Just throw away to Thosuni! (Thosuni is SW's dog in her house) Someone sends the VOD to his computer. VOD contents : SW is going through his father's office. At her house, DH tells the condition of SM who is attacked by someone. GL comes to her house to find the reason why she is looking thorugh his father's office. GL : Who are you !! They both turn over and over. At that time her parents enter her house to check her condition. Wow his daughter and the guy who they don't know are on the bed....and another guy in the closet. His father get angry !!! Who are you !!!!!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish :)
@minyk2002..yeah..he`s really is..like him so much..keke
hahaha the ending XD
xredbutterflyx it's me is the one who answer for saying thank you ^.^ really really thank you kkk
nylamrehs thank you ^.^ in advance.
It's me is the one who say thank you ^^
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[Level 7 Civil Servant] LIVE RECAP EP 18
It airs on every Wednesday & Thursday at 10 PM on MBC. Keep following me 21th of March ^.^ And from now on there are only two episodes left .... I feel sad that we can't watch these couples anymore after two weeks. *Indonesian Live recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/118994 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- WS starts to wiggle his hands and slowly opens his eyes. When JJ opens the door to kill WS, there is no patient there. SW and GL comforts him and are pleased to awake him. When WS's wife watches this and feels impressed. JJ reports ML that the information is wrong about the hopspital room number. The director of GJ is embarrased because he got a report like that. Then it means someone told him a lie. WS says "Do not tell anyone that I wake up" (I think that's a good idea! ) ML and JJ discuss that who did trick to us. In SW's house, SW turn on the music because she hurries to go to toilet ! (You know women discomfort about the sound in the toliet hehe) After GL falling into sleep, SW tries to help her parents, exactly building the villeage into coal yard environmental villeage. (On last ep, she gets angry to her parents that they always make trouble about this problem) In the office, SW and GL keep secrets that WS woke up. DH fights against GL that I just came here to cooperate power, not getting your order. GL accepts his opinion and other members stop them to fight. DH wants to visit WS so asks a favor that let him know the hospital room number. oh, SM finds the important information ( I think this is key to solve this problem ) GL talks with GL's father. They look closer than before. GL's mother visits SW and she really do her a pleasure. She convict that she is the attributes of (one born in the year of) the Tiger because she think that borning in the year of tiger is destiny.with him. However she is not born in that year. Someone follows SW and GL's scar. (Who he is?) Their team searchs for this car and this is illegal car. DH is courteously aggressive about GL's order. hehe ML bring the key information that the place of ML and JJ. Wow. In the company. YS asks for a direction and someone who is executive of this companygives a direction with a fully heart!. He may fall in love with YS. At the behind office, YS discovers it oh SM reveals this to her. She allows to take a operation for WS. Wow cool director ! YS : I will help you guys, but have to be active for this operation for your director WS. Kim executive came here and he behaviors kindly to YS. (oh my cellphone bettery is low ..ㅜㅜ) DH and SM disscuss about SM's behavior nowadays. SM gets disappointed that DH did something behind betraying their team. On the conversation, she said all the thing related this and even she did one sided love to him. haha... DH always feels sorry when he look her drawing. In the view of WS's mother. she has thought that her husband is deprived of the nation. She feels that she always scrified to the nation. ML and JJ, He reports the situation that follows GL's car. ML wonders who was her parents,,, whether they were good or bad but JJ blocks her saying. Wether they are bad or not, it was the nation's fault. In the home, GL dries their underwear on the frame of drying clothes. Meanwhile, SW's parents come here and they are surpised that he is always in her house. They misunderstand that they live together. ( I forgot the saying that SW's actually name is Kyeong Ja GL's real name is Han pill yeon) When her mother pull his hair, GL's mother enters the room. In the resturant, both parents conduct psychological warfare like have you even visited the resturant like here. SW's mother: I 've always eaten this like snack! After the lefrover we just gave it to the dog. At that time, GL's mother realizes that SW didn't born in the year of tiger. ( You know she believes that the year of tiger is destiny ) SW just go out to the resturant and after a minutes, GL also follows to her. Their parents still have a warefare in the resturant. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish :) If you comment like thank you so much, i will be really pleased ^
Well this list broke my heart
so if ypu weren't sad enough about losing TOP to the military this year wait till you see the rest of the list seriously shed a tear and many loud screams in pain after watching it @AimeeH @creetheotaku @amortiz0101 @thepinkprincess @justinamclean @veronicaartino @luna1171 @punkpandabear @thearmycreater @kaijae @elizabethT @jiyongixoxo @aracelijimenez @josecullen  @pinkpears405 @kpopfangirl15 @electica @nikkitty @saeda320 @oliviajoseph @nysa @kaylastokes @btsarmygirl @falselove @bekahvires @blancadanica98 @jasminewilliams @shequillearmsby @mahrielle @beniecesuit @crystalblunt @rainac3 @kpopforever @kpopgaby @destiny1419 @anarose @moonchild03 @emelia @kmeier230 @mkbmccann @terratoyasi @staceyholley  @lizzeh @jiyongixoxo @carolinacastrane @dianacastaneda @nenegrint14 @stefanitre @kellyoconnor @ercument @glo86 @amandamuska @saravandorn @kpopandkdrama @xtinahsing @jkookie97 @dominiquewhitak @bizzycx @almarangel @kwonofakind @szewwy @kaikaipop @kuri10 @jupiterchen @taehyungkey @yessicacardenas @kookie49044 @cassidyrush @elenap16 @daljiyong @innocentiakishi @thatoneoutcast @elinwyatt @briannaeugene @destiny1419 @staceyholley @ligaya @taehyungkey @luna1171 @maddie27 @ninjamidori @creetheotaku @emilypeacock @kellyoconnor @aimeeh @veronicaartino @queenlee @jiyongixoxo @armystarlight @thepinkprincess @unniecakesali @khouyoung @alexisrivers @amandamuska @tashiannabostic @jazgaara33 @nikkitty @externallyeli @innocenttiakishi @xxxtina @crystalguerra @sarsoosoo99 Let me know if you would like to be added or removed from future cards
7th Grade Civil Servant
Una comedia romántica sobre una pareja espía que oculta su verdadera identidad de los demás y al mismo tiempo ilustra sobre el amor, la amistad y los conflictos internos entre departamentos de la nueva generación de agentes de inteligencia nacional. En el drama, mientras esconden su verdadera identidad el uno del otro se enamoran entre sí. Gil Ro es alguien que de niño vio una película Bond 007 y creció con el sueño de convertirse en un espía y trabaja muy duro y darlo todo para lograr su objetivo. Debido a que su padre se enriqueció de la noche a la mañana, él vivió una vida de lujo y abundante desde joven. No sólo es benévolo y misericordioso para con los demás, Gil Ro también es guapo y es alguien que realmente es "Estilo de Gangnam". Después de que finalmente se convierte en un agente de la inteligencia nacional, lucha duro para superar todos los obstáculos. Mientras tanto, Kim Won Seo es un agente inteligente con fuerza física y un aspecto pero carece de riqueza. Ella trabaja duro para mantener a su familia económicamente Título: 7급 공무원 / 7 Geup Gongmoowon Tambien conocido como: Level 7 Civil Servant / 7th Level Civil Servant / My Girlfriend is An Agent Anteriormente conocido como: 비밀남녀 / Bimil Namnyeo / The Secret Lovers Género: Action, Romance, comedia Episodios: 20 Cadena: MBC Período de emisión: 23-Enero-2013 a 28-Marzo-2013 REPARTO Choi Kang Hee como Kim Seo Won / Kim Jung Won Joo Won como Han Gil Ro / Han Pil Hoon Hwang Chan Sung como Gong Do Ha Kim Min Seo como Shin Sun Mi Ahn Nae Sang como Kim Won Suk (Líder de Equpo) Jang Young Nam como Jang Young Soon (Entrenadora Asistente) Choi Jong Hwan como Oh Kwang Jae (Director) Lee El como Park Soo Young Son Jin Young como Kim Poong Eon Byun Seung Yoon (변승윤) como Gook Jung Won (Instructor)