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It airs at 10 pm on Wendesday & Thursday exactly on 7th of February. See you then guys~ * Vietnamese live recap :http://www.vingle.net/posts/106886 * Indonesian live recap :http://www.vingle.net/posts/107497 i'm here to do a live recap for you guys!!! Actually as i mentioned that there are many problems on my computer so i decided to buy the new computer ^.^ From next live recap, i will start with my new computer. Sorry for being late ㅜnㅜ Let's start GL is in SW's home. GL makes fun of SW's underware. wow so SW has a punch to GL. GL has a nosebleed.. Anyway they decide to make food by themselves.. GL is good at cooking. SW: Wow you make this ingredient in my house? GL: Cooking is not made of ingredient. it is my skill ! Actually when i was in military service, i was a kitchen police. GL: Is it really delicious? um... SW: Yes delicious. you said you were a kitchen police in military sevice. GL: Yes,, actually in military service, the important thing is speed, not taste. ( KKKK so cute ) GL hands the present to his mother. GL: Hey mother, this is a present for you (Actually he bought this present by SW. You remember the last ep? To conceal her identification, she disguises as a part timer.) GL's mother: What? you bought the same two consmetics for me? then you should have bought it for father. GL: Um..? father? he likes money. Anyway GL buys the cosmetics for his employees. Of cousre this is for SW to bring her results. SW enters his room. SW: How much? Why do you buy this? SW has complaints about his acting. SW: You intend to buy my time with your money. GL: Okay then give me!!! 600000 won for ten. But she doesn't have that amount of money. At that time, her friend calls to SW. Her friend says that please fill in this registration form with your co workers. you are in the national intelligence service. SW gets angry. SW: i didn't work there anymore ! who said that? Her friend: Your mother already said that. When she talks to her mother, her mother asks a favor to her. Her mother: Your father become a village foreman but um..his pledge is making our villege enviromental city. so we want you make an effort for this . ....SW quit the phone. (Actually the national intelligence service members have to hide their identification. They should not their position to everyone) GL's father, JM went to see the person by ML's threat. While he is walking, WH's brother stabs him. Actually this is not ML's purpose. WH's brother : Listen carefully to what i say. Next turn is your son. GL tries to catch him but fail. At parking lot, DH and SM fight against him but WH's brother slits her wrist and then runs away. DH: She is woman, if you scratch on her face, i never forgive you. To protect her, DH stops following him. After hearing this news, SW reminds ML's saying. (ML : JM starts to move, Do not act rashly.) She starts to search her information. DH and SM are in the hospital. SM: You were worried if getting hurt on my face? DH: Yes because if you are wound on your face, it is hard to work on public. It is easy to remember. SM: Only that reason? DH: What else? (This couple is also cute) GL inquires after his father's health. GL's father are worried about his son ..maybe if he stays here, he will be in danger. Therefore his father kicks him out. GL gets disappointed because of this. On the other hand...the doctor laughs like a hyena... maybe his father is in danger .. In front of the hospital room. SW is there. SW brings his clothes to change and consoles him. GL: ...and 600000 won.. SW: give your account number ! GL: i'm sorry.....actually i tried to buy your time with money.. SW: No it's my fault actually i'm afraid of breaking the friendship between us. GL: No. it's not friendship ! Just throw away to Thosuni! (Thosuni is SW's dog in her house) Someone sends the VOD to his computer. VOD contents : SW is going through his father's office. At her house, DH tells the condition of SM who is attacked by someone. GL comes to her house to find the reason why she is looking thorugh his father's office. GL : Who are you !! They both turn over and over. At that time her parents enter her house to check her condition. Wow his daughter and the guy who they don't know are on the bed....and another guy in the closet. His father get angry !!! Who are you !!!!!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish :)
@minyk2002..yeah..he`s really is..like him so much..keke
hahaha the ending XD
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It's me is the one who say thank you ^^
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