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How exactly did she end up in this situation? Nabi was thinking back to how it all started. “Come on Nabi please just spend the day with him. He's really upset because I took you to the amusement park.” Namjoon that's who was to blame for this. It's his fault for taking pictures, she told him it would cause problems. She just let out a soft sigh closing her eyes and trying to forget where she was. The quiet moment was quickly interrupted though. “Come on Nabi you have tooooooooo~.” J-hope was always so persistent. She opened her eyes and just went for it running full speed off the edge of the low cliff. It's was an unusually warm day but the water that engulfed her was as frigid as ice. She emerged from the water with a loud gap instantly shaking. J-hope had jumped right after her a little bit away from her. “I got you.” He quickly swam over to her wrapping his arms around her to warm her even though his own teeth were chattering. “Why did you think it was a good idea to go swimming in the middle of Autumn?” She gave him an intense glare heading how cold she still felt. “The water feels so good though even if it's cold. It's refreshing.” She tried hard to not let his smile contaminate her grumpy mood. She moved her body closer to his trying to suck whatever boost hear he had away from him. “Can we just call it good and get out so we can warm up. Pleaaaaaaasssseeeeee~.” “Okay, okay.” He swam with her to the edge where they had put their towels and a blanket. She quickly went to her towel drying herself off before wrapping herself up not dry enough to put her clothes back on. He dried off before pulling out the snacks he had Jin make for them. “Eat up so you can get warm.” J-hope was at least trying to help. She took some of the food and are it hoping it would help. J-hope got up and motioned for her to as well. He grabbed the blanket and moved it to a sunnier spot. “Come the sun can warm you.” Nabi moved quickly into the sun laying down on the blanket to warm her whole body. She only had her eyes closed for a moment before she felt a weight on her. Opening her eyes fast she saw J-hope laying on her using her shoulder as a pillow. “Ya what are you doing get up.” She hit his back trying to make him move. “Nope not happening. I only brought one blanket and you need one to warm up so I'm being your blanket.” His words stopped anything else from being said. She thought he was just a silly grease ball but he actually was very thoughtful. She smiled warmly closing her eyes again enjoying the weight of his body as she warmed up and dried off.
don't worry @JessAS I'll upload the next one after I shower. I just got home from work
Awww! the ending! the feels!
@SarahHawkins alright ^_^ they are coming out great(: can't wait to read the next one ((:
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