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Natsu Dragneel VS. Gray Fullbuster! This week I decided to have a poll battle between two guys that have many fans. Everyone either likes Natsu more or they like Gray more. I want to see which man has more fans. Who is more loved?!
Is your choice the Fire Dragon Slayer Natsu Dragneel, who becomes stronger when his comrades and family are in danger. He can be really silly and always fights with Gray over the stupidest things, and he eats a lot. (usually flames)
Or is your choice the Ice Make Magic user Gray Fullbuster, who hates to be defeated and has a sad past that makes us all cry with him. Gray also fights with Natsu all the time over useless little things, he is known for always stripping off his clothes for no reason, and he is a really fun character.

Who do you choose? Let me know!

I choose Natsu because I've always loved his funny, not a quitter, and strong personality! @DanRodriguez @FrankilliMambo @poojas @RosePark Start tagging some people to vote for today's poll!
I think Gray, just because I'm a reserved, highly introverted person. Natsu is way too loud and challenging and... Destructive? Reckless? Instinctive? haha
Hmmm. I think I'll have to go with Gray. sorry Natsu!
Gray all the way!~ Hes just so much cooler :D
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