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Tifa Mania!
Which form of Tifa Lockhart should I cosplay?! Since @shannonl5 and alllll of my other friends (looking at you @alexpinku) seem to think I would make a great Tifa from Final Fantasy 7 for cosplay, I don't see why I don't think about which form of Tifa I would want to bring to life!!!

So....here are the options!

Traditional Tifa

Advent Children Tifa

Kingdom Hearts Tifa

(ok, I know it's basically advent children, but there are some differences!)

Cowboy Tifa

Dissidia Tifa

I'm thinking either classic or Advent Children Tifa is the way to go!!! Not only because it's the most recognizable, but the Tifa who made appearances in those two was the one that I felt the biggest bond with, at least initially. So, I think that cosplaying one of those would be the best for me!
But since you all are the ones convincing me to do Tifa, I wanna know which version you see me as :) Help me choose!
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