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So here is the translated version that I picked up off of YouTube of T.O.P oppas live V broadcast......and also a little snippet of what oppa ideal girl is from an article on allkpop and of course the live broadcast. So who's excited for Panda oppa turn????
When asked about his current relationship status, T.O.P answered frankly, "I honestly don't have a girlfriend. There were a lot of rumors about it, awhile back. But I really don't have one." He then answered a question on his ideal type and replied, "My ideal type is... to tell you the truth... it's pretty simple. Feminine, a person who has the feminine side that I lack." Then when asked about the kinds of girls he dislikes, the handsome idol answered, "I don't like girls who are too nosy... I don't like people who interfere in other's business." T.O.P also revealed his inner hopeless romantic side as he confessed that he wouldn't mind if his S.O. farted or burped in front of him and would actually "eat" it. Finally, when asked about what makes his heart flutter, T.O.P said, "It's been awhile since I've had that feeling, but when I notice that a girl is just looking at me. That makes my heart flutter." A