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The sun is shining, you're in Paris, and the day could not possibly be more perfect. You feel a surge of happiness in your chest, as you breathe in and consider how wonderful life is at this moment. You know what you say?

"J'ai la pêche!"

Yes, this literally means "I have the peach." But in fact, avoir la pêche actually a quite common expression meaning, to be in high spirits or to be in an awesome mood. Any French person you speak to will definitely understand this to mean – you're having a great day!

Let's break it down!

avoir = to have
Je (I) + ai (have, first person present) = J'ai (I have)
la pêche = the peach
So altogether now:

J'ai la pêche! Pronounced: "Zhay la pesh!"

You can also say "Tu as la pêche ce matin!" ("You're chipper this morning!").

What else do you want to learn in French?

Any requests for more French phrases?
I hope you guys enjoy! :) Thanks for following my FPotD / Beginner French collections! :D I do it all for you guys <3
I would love to know, "you look lovely/beautiful"
@jordanhamilton Anytime, lady! :)
Yes thank you! My family is from Canada and some of my relatives speak fluent French, so I am looking forward to having a conversation with them outside of English :)
@DuncanMccloud let me know and I'll make the card today! :D
@DuncanMccloud Yay! Thanks for the request!! Usually, in French people are more direct - rather than "You look beautiful," they say "You are beautiful." Will that do? :)
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