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The Artist of the month for September is our first solo artist... its Kim Sung Kyu of Infinite!!!
(@PassTheSuga I almost went with Eric Nam, so you were almost right ^^)
I've been a fan of Kim Sung Kyu since for longer than I've been a fan of Infinite, mainly because when I first heard his music I didn't know Infinite existed XD

Who is Kim Sung Kyu?

He is a South Korean singer-songwriter and actor. He is the leader of the South Korean boy group Infinite under Woollim Entertainment. He made his debut as a solo artist on November 7, 2012 with the EP titled "Another Me"
You can find his profile >>here<<


Sung-kyu worked with Sweetune to create the modern rock lead single "60 Seconds" for his album "Another Me".The single "60 Seconds" was pre-released on November 7, 2012 before the album released on November 19, 2012. (Sung Kyu performed a solo song on one of Infinite's albums in 2011, but his official solo debut wasn't until 2012)
How amazing is this song?!!!! No need to answer cause I already know, this was the first Sung Kyu song I heard, and I loved it immediately ^^




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SungGyu has one of the most beautiful voice in the korean entertainment industry. I like both his solo albums. they were so heartbreaking... My personal favs are Kontrol, I need you, Only Tears and Daydream
Sung Kyu is my bias from infinite. the second I heard his voice I was in love!! ❤❤
I've probably listened to the entirety of 27 more times than the title. It's gold. Sunggyu just has the ability to emote through voice so easily, and I love his lyricism because it's so simple yet so powerful.
@adikiller I love all those songs, and have to agree with you, he does have one of the best voices ^^ @baileykayleen I'm right with you there, I listen to it so often it's ridiculous XD
@ButterflyBlu mine too ^^
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