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Ok, @poojas, here they are. (I know I'm a couple of hours late here. >. Sorrrrrry!) (I tried to find videos that had English subtitles.)

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Opening 1 - "Again" by Yui

The Legend of Legendary Heroes - "Lament: Joy Soon" by Yuuki Aira

Darker Than Black - Opening 1 - "Howling" by Abingdon Boy School

(I'm a huge fan of ABS!!)
And my all time favorite anime opening:

Trinity Blood - "Dress (Bloody Trinity Mix)" by Buck-Tick

(I'm an even bigger fan of Buck-Tick. Sooooo amazing!)
I promise not to be late next time, Master Poojas! ^.^
love all these anime btw. ^.^
Girl you are totally on time! And I love the first and third openings!! And I'm no master, just a tiny totoro ^^
@RosePark I know, right?! My brother always wants to skip them when we watch together and I have to threaten him. "It's something you must feel and let it transport you to another world." Yes!! Absolutely. You get it!! :D Ahhh!! That's my go to for Egoist. So amazing. But she's also written some amazingly beautiful lyrics - Planetes. 😭 I haven't seen Guilty Crown, but obviously I know Supercell. :) I need to check it out. Yeah?
@ButterflyBlu LOL! I really dont understand those who skip the op or ed of an anime...thats the best part!! Everytime I do my review cards,I get most excited when I write about the soundtrack but thats not something I can describe with mere words...Its something you must feel and let it transport you to another world. I also have an anime playlist with me at all times. I would have made my challenge card longer as well but it would be an endless card so yeah...xD and no wonder you like OSTs as much as I do, youre a dancer thats awesome! Also, Egoist.....Holy Crap...Namae No nai Kaibutsu Psychopass Hype! Its amazing! idk if you have watched Guilty Crown but "Supercell"s voice is also really unique and the songs made the anime that much enjoyable for me~
@RosePark that was all aimed at you. I got so excited I forgot to tag you. Lol.
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