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I was tagged by @Danidee, @AimeeH, and @Poojas! I just woke up less than 40 minutes ago, let's get started!
Question 1. Your Spirit Animal
Question 2. How do you feel About Spicy Food?
Question 3. What Kind Of Drunk Are You?
Question 4. What Do You Look For In A Significant Other?
Question 5. What Is Your Flirting Style!
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@PassTheSuga XD I'm glad you like it because Ashton Kutcher gives me life!
Omg. I was going to comment regarding the actual card, but then I read all the comments and GIRL. GONG HYOJIN IS MY LIFE TOO.
@danidee She is my favorite actress! Like, she needs to be in literally EVERYTHING!
Yesss. I watched That's Okay, It's Love so many times lol.
I really love tea so be on/ it on!