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Do not laugh lol. I'm lying! Laugh your boohiny off! Wooooooot!
What is your spirit animal!? The Crow.. Caw Caw lol. I lurk, I observe and in this case like to play with fire Burn baby burn Disco inferno!! ::dancing ::lol
How are you when you are drunk? Well, I am a trip lol. I'm going on the L A before she was sick lol. I was a pain in the ass at times. I remember falling asleep on the toilet at home. And all that falling out of cabs, strange dancing and being a straight up evil person is all wrapped into one.
What does your s/o see you as? Crazy as hell. He took this photo of me in Dumbo, New York . I was not drunk, I did not know what that object was and I felt like being silly . Btw a random pug dog kept trying to hump my leg, my bf and the owner of the dog thought it was funny, I was scared lol
I know i am missing something @butterflyblu please forgive me.!
Hahahaah that picture. You're so cute!
It's allllll yours, Ladybug. *cackling* I had fun with that one. (Even though I couldn't find the main one I was looking for for almost an hour! lol. FOUND IT.)
Oh boy! I can't wait @butterflyblu
@LAVONYORK oh honey I say y'all all day. I just don't type it!! Haha!! ;) Is that an Aussie thing?! That's awesome. Our loud dancing pose offs will be epic... Epic hotness. Oh I have a gif for this. Imma make a quick card just for you. Lol
Lmao! You have your word ''yall" you say when you are drunk. My Aussie friend rubbed off on me so I just go "oi Oi Oi" , yes I get progressively louder lol 😁 @butterflyblu
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