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This is a great project to give to a friend or significant other who lives far away from you or someone who really loves their home city. It's also great if you miss a specific city that you have visited and you just want to remember that city. This DIY tutorial comes from imgfave.


For this project, you will need:
-- Printed map
-- Small nails
-- Hammer
-- Paint for the board (do this at the very beginning of the project)
-- Painter's tape
-- String
You can find all of these at a craft store, and then can print out the state that you want.

Outline the map with the nails

Use the hammer and nails to outline the state that you have chosen with nails. Make sure you put the nails right outside the paper so that you can easily remove paper that you used. Then, add a heart outline wherever you want in the state.

Attach string

Take the string and wrap it around the nails. Do this all the way around the states outline and the heart. Then, tie the string around one of the nails to finish the project.
If you need additional help with this project, check out this video that gives you step-by-step instructions for this project.

Put up your cute artwork and enjoy remembering your favorite place or favorite person in that place!

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I love this!! Awesome idea! Such a striking home art project :)