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Shampoo has officially been fired.

Earlier this week I spoke about the wonders of co-washing your hair [see card here]. Many women are putting down the shampoo and picking up the conditioner and household items to take over shampoos job. One in particular, that you probably wouldn't think to use to clean your hair, but much to our surprise it does -- and it does a rather good job at it to.
I know you're probably anticipating what product(s) this might be, so without further ado -- I introduce baking soda and vinegar to you. Yes, baking soda and vinegar. Two products that play many roles. Unlike shampoo, these two products are all natural and they won't strip your hair of their natural oils. If you want your hair to regain it's strength and come back to life, keep scrolling to find out how you can incorporate this method into your hair routine.


Using baking soda. Mix together both baking soda and water into an applicator bottle. Add the amount needed for your specific length of hair. Apply to dry or wet hair starting at the roots of your hair. Allow mixture to sit for about three minutes and rinse with warm water. Follow up with vinegar rinse.
Using Vinegar. Mix white or apple cider vinegar with water and add to an applicator bottle. To rid the smell, you can add essential oils to mixture if need be. Tilt head back to avoid getting mixture in eyes. Apply to hair starting at the roots to the ends of your hair. Rinse with cold water [this seals in the moisture].
Like anything else, you won't notice a difference right away -- but follow this procedure weekly and your hair will gain back strength, moisture and shine.

Wave goodbye to shampoo and dry hair for good.