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Sigh* An anime I wish they would have continued. I mean the storyline, comedy, adventure and characters...everything was there for me. One of the worst things ever is getting into and anime and learning at the end that that's all you get. Story unfinished in Animeland. Soooo frusterating.
I loved this anime. It was so amazing. It only had one season 5 episodes in I was so heartbroken I only 19 episodes left.
I know right! It was honestly one of my favorite anime. I was so into all of the characters their stories. @FunnyChizBones
@littlemaryk Dango is soooo good. I understand how Ferris got there because I could get addicted to it, too. Lol. Yeah, it could have been the best. Everything about it was amazing. :/
Ha! I just linked the Opening song in another card earlier. ^.^ I love this anime. I really wish there had been more, too! It was so beautifully colored and written. Ryner Lute was just the best: so funny and lazy. My only complaint, though: I always wanted Dango while watching this one. LOL :P
haha *thumbs up, You too man @RosePark
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