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I was getting really concerned about having to live in an apartment, rather than just buying a house once married. My concern was about privacy, noise, lighting and constricting creativity to make it a home. What if I wanted to paint the walls? Will they allow it? Do I have to paint it back? What about carpet? Can I tear that up and put in hardwood or tile?
Then I found this really amazing Before & After of an apartment that went from yuck to wow! I found it on Vintage Revivals, online.
Scroll through to see the Before shots.
Scroll over to see the After shots.
This was a 72-hour makeover. This was for a one bedroom apartment in Los Angeles. The couch and the dining room table were the two main pieces of furniture that were owned previously.
When it comes to DIY, I love what Mandi says, "You are going to pay with your time, or you are going to pay with your money." And that's just the way it is when it comes to DIY. Is that a bad thing? Depends on whether you're into DIY or not. If not, then save your money. If you are into DIY, like me, then you will have to take time to put it together. But that's what makes it all the more fun, in my opinion!
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Wow a really big change love how you decorated it :)
Thanks for loving it. But I didn't decorate it. I was just posting about how another couple did this awesome makeover! @purplechick. I love this though!!