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Does anyone else on Vingle own the Cricut Air or Cricut machine?
I am really on the fence with buying this. As much as I craft, sew and diy, I have never splurged for a "system" of crafting. There's Silhouette, Sizzix and now, Cricut. Is there one that's better than another? I'm partial to the Cricut because it's an actual machine and not a bunch of plates and levers.
There is a SMALL PART OF ME that kind of feels like these machines are cheating when it comes to diy. I know that sounds crazy! And my mom insists that I get the Cricut. She said it would help me with my wedding. And we all know I need to save money for that!
I just wanted to hear from others out there that have any of these crafting machines. Do you like it? Ultimately, do you think it's worth owning and worth paying the price?
I found this cute white and metal paper "geode". I thought is was too cute! And then I discovered that you needed Cricut to make it. Below is a gif of how easy it is to make using the Cricut machine. I can only imagine the pain staking process of doing this without the machine.
I would love to hear your feedback. Thanks! <3 <3
So the machine cuts and add folding line to craft papers? Can you load your own template?
right. It does. @animaniafreak You can upload your own files. it's pretty cool.