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As women, we love consistency.

But how much is too much?
We hate when a man doesn't text us back fast enough, but what about that guy who texts us consistently for one year? It sounds good, right? But what if he continues to text us even when we don't text back? He sounds pretty amazing right? Think again. That's not consistency ladies, that is called being plain old annoying.
Take Alex for example. He met a woman at a bar one night, they exchanged numbers and everything seemed to be going smooth -- well, that is until the woman accidentally left the bar with the subjects sunglasses. He texts the woman for one full year about his sunglasses and she never replies, until a year later and hit him with the "who dis" text. Classic. Let's just say Alex took his sunglasses way too serious. Sunglasses are replaceable and obviously so was he [see super annoying text messages below].
I like to call this reverse psychology. In most cases, guys think of us women as annoying and they more times than often probably ignore us. It's nice for the roles to be reversed for once.
Man up Alex and take your loss man.
Long story short, you win some -- you lose both [the glasses and the girl] *chuckle*.

Ladies, how would you have reacted?

Haha this is hilarious!
lol so annoying!! haha @mchlyang