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So the month is about to end woooooo............the faster school ends hahah.....anyways its that time again.....
Now what do i have in store for you this October ;)
so i started thinking of stuff and nothing came to me.........and i kept thinking and thinking and thinking but nothing........
until it hit me.........However i dont know if its a good one but this what im going with.....to match Octobers theme......and here it is ......*dumroll*.......
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE OUTFIT YOUR BIAS HAS WORN......i dont know if i frased that right???........WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE STAGE OUTFIT......COSTUMES.......CROSSDRESS OUTIFT YOUR BIAS HAS WORN.......do you get me??? now if its a kdrama actor.....WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ROLE THEY PLAYED IN???......(THATS IF YOU CANT FIND THE OUTFIT THING)......you get me?
what do you guys think good idea for ultimate bias day or no????? if you to change it up a little bit or something or if you have any other ideas i would love to hear from you
who is excited for october......i know i am heheheh :[]
i need to start getting an idea of what to make.........but yeah anyways im excited hope you guys are too...remember if you have any ideas or somthing make sure to let me know :[] bye bye love you <3 (remember this card has to be posted on the first Saturday of October and dont forget to tag me in your cards)
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@sugajin94 yay @sherrysahar awwwww (/u\) thank you hahaga and okay cant wait @amandamuska really thats so cool i have a v jacket a jhope shirt and a suga shit and out of bts i have a jackson shirt and @StarBabes has a ravi shirt
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omg can i have that lol @B1A4BTS5ever
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@amandamuska hahaha xD
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@JessAS omg everything is so diffrent all of your raid gear is garbage now and niw you want green and blue engrames it's insane haha. and they make you do all the old missions. there's alot of things diffrent in the tower too. have a friend walk you through it but whatever you do, do NOT pick up abandoned quest until after you get the tk. you will level up as soon as you get them after you get it. if you grab them before it won't do anything. I didn't know that till after. but year it's so much fun too. saturn is awesome, iq already beat the story mission all yesterday but I got a ways to go before I beat the new rain I'm still a lvl 38 1/2 , it's a lvl 50. frikn addicting haha. you must get it. I got the basic one the 40dollor one since I have kids but if you get the collectors edition you get a new dance and they are all hilarious haha.
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