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VIXX FACTS No. 501 - 550
No. 501 - 510 | VIXX FACTS
No. 511 - 520 | VIXX FACTS
No. 521 - 530 | VIXX FACTS
No. 531 - 540 | VIXX FACTS
No. 541 - 550 | VIXX FACTS
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A lot of these quotes are really cute! But why does Hongbin want people to call him a "crazy bastard?" I feel like that's an insult. The VIXX TV one was funny. I found the Ravi one about being jealous if a starlight gets a boyfriend strange, why would he be jealous? It's kinda cute tho. I feel like if I got a drivers license then I wouldn't use it or rarely use it, I mean if you have legs why not walk? It's exercise plus it fun and you get to enjoy things up close. The one about Leo and how he would become aggressive to a girl he likes...it's kinda cute but I would think you would be gentle infront of someone you like unless that person is being pushed around or something. The one with Hongbin and his hands are cute. The Leo quotes are really interesting and it's good advice. Of course all the little quotes and tidbits are cute 😊
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