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Your 20's are meant to be the golden years.

During this decade, you will live, you will learn and you will love -- in some cases you might love the wrong people and you might even love the right person. But life is all about growing from your mistakes, right? Exactly. Whether you are in your teens or in your thirties, we have all fallen for the "wrong one" somewhere down the line, but eventually we bounced back. That's life as we know it.
Not every guy that appears to be hot has a personality to match and not every guy who has an amazing personality has the looks to match. You can't always have it all, not even that guy you thought was perfect. He was far from it. No worries, we've all fallen for a couple bad apples a time or two before -- and some good ones. With that being said, I've come up with a list of the guys [both good and not so good] we will all fall for at least once in our twenties [see below].

The Stud

Who doesn't fall for the stud? He's the hottest thing walking. During this decade, more times than often you are more attracted to a guys physique than his personality. That's fine and dandy, but later on down the road you will come to realize that looks truly aren't everything.

The Couch Potato

You figured that you two were a match made in heaven because you too happen to be a homebody. He lives at home with his parents in his mid twenties and you see nothing wrong with that, except for the small fact that he doesn't care to leave anytime soon. Talk about a major turnoff. He spends his days playing video games, lifting weights in the basement and throwing down boxes of pizza. Oh yeah, he's still looking for a job nearly five years after college graduation. You sure know how to pick them. Don't worry, it gets better.

The Dreamer

Like yourself, this guy is full of dreams and aspirations. He has plans that he may not be able to fulfill at the moment, but he knows that someday he will make them a reality. Not only is his ambition impressive, but he pushes you to the limit and makes certain that you also follow your dreams. He doesn't believe the sky is the limit. He plans on going further and he wants to take you with him when he does.

The "Friend"

Yes, the "friend". You two have been friends for some time and although you two seem to act like you are a couple, you never really sealed the deal. You've never been too big into the idea of titles, but it gets kind of annoying when you two hang out and he introduces you as "his friend". Ugh. Life as we know it. Maybe it's best to remain friends. Maybe?

The Older Guy

He's old enough to be your dad. Okay, maybe that's a stretch, but he is old enough to have a couple kids of his own running around. You two met randomly and he couldn't seem to look past the fact that you were so "mature" for your age. Turns out he is ten times your age. He's everything you've ever wanted in a man, but his age. Uh, yeah. You constantly overthink the idea of introducing him to your dad because they could easily kick it and be bros. Yuck.

Sigh. Oh, the good old twenties.

They are oh so, what's the word? Unpredictable.
damn... i only got 2... I need a stud then.. i have 9months left in my 20s...
I think I’ve dated all of these, haha what comes next? future husband? haha (fingers crossed)
That makes two of us! lol They'll find us though :) @LadyLuna
I just want to find the Right one ya know? lol
Make the most of those 9 months! You can always find a few of these guys in your 30s as well @LadyLuna
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