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Single digits. You can almost taste it.

With the Nationals losing last night, the Mets' magic number is 9.

With 16 games to play.

We close.

With a magic number of 9, any combination of Mets wins and Nationals losses totaling 9 means the Mets make the playoffs. If the Mets win only 1 more game this season (not gonna happen...) and the Nationals lose 8 more, the Mets are still in. If the Mets win 8 in a row, all it takes is 1 more Nationals loss to seal the deal.

That's an enviable spot to be in with so little time left.

I know everyone is worried about repeating the collapses of 2007 and 2008. I get it.

But I'm not worried. An 8 game lead with 16 to play? Piece of cake.

This team is more disciplined, reliable and just flat out better than the teams of '07 and '08 were. Even though the pitching has struggled recently, the hitting has been so good that it has hardly mattered. The Mets have opened up an 8 game lead in the division, and I'm confident that that's enough to get the job done.

Can't wait for what I expect to be the Mets' first playoff appearance in what feels like decades!

Yeap. You def dont need to worry about clinching the division title....
Congrats dude