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Ok @ButterflyBlu, you asked for this
What is my spirit animal? The Grey Wolf. I'm over a quarter Cherokee and a couple other tribes and my grandmother wanted me to know some of my Native American heritage but since she adopted my mom she didn't know much so she had me spend a few summers with a local traditional medicine man who taught me about the Vision quest and I have actually seen my spirit animal. It makes sense because I am totally family driven (my choices are all based on the welfare of the pack) but I don't mind being alone. Loyal and loving to my pack weather you were born into it or a good friend who has been accepted in...go ahead anyone... try to hurt one of mine... I dare you
Do I like spicy foods? I live for it γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹... Spicy is awesome! Especially Korean spicy... oh my goodness... Korean spicy has so much more flavor the spicier it is
What kind of drunk am I? A very playful, happy one... Its very difficult to convince me to fight or to upset me. Chances are even if you do coax a fight out of me, I'm still laughing and trying to joke with you... even when I'm losing
My significant other is my dear wife... I know that seems like an easy answer but she really is my Best half not just better But if for any far fetched crazy out of control reason I ever am single again... a good true Korean woman is the only next option just because of the level of beauty they have and intense devotion to their husband and family
My flirting style? Usually playful and obvious if I'm actually flirting but a lot of the time my personality is mistaken for flirting... I was raised around almost only women by almost only women... I just get along with them better... But my Wife is the only one I truly flirt with now... She is my one
awe, thank you... I'm the lucky one I think @poe5353
You have a beautiful wife and she is lucky to have you. 😊
This is really cool, Rob. Thank you for participating. ^.^ My family is Cherokee, too. My dad actually spent the first ten years of his life on a reservation in Texas. My grandfather is full blooded Cherokee and my grandmother is half Cherokee, half French Canadian cajun. My grandfather grew up on the reservation, but my grandmother was raised in Louisiana. They had 15 kids (and a couple more that passed away at birth) and my dad was the one right in middle. My grandfather got a job working for the forestry service when my dad was a kid. (He was in the Army previously.) Apparently, back then, to raise money, they would sell off small pieces of land to their employees. He managed to buy a 10 acre plot of land. Most of it was completely forested. But about 3 acres in the middle were clear. Him and the all the sons built a house and they developed a farm there. They hunted the rest of the land for meat. Even though they left the reservation, every child still grew up there. (They're only about 10 miles away.) Even the grandchildren are on the reservation all the time. All of us are registered. That's where I learned a lot of what I use in my jewelry crafting today. My grandfather even gave us all Cherokee names. When I went to college, I did my master's thesis on the similarities to multiple culture mythologies, which focused a lot on comparing Native American mythology to that of the native peoples of other backgrounds - African, Australian, and Celtic, mostly. (Yeah. Huge nerd.) That was even published in several Native publications. (And got me my job! Score!) I've also published a collection of Cherokee themed short stories and mythology. I should share some up, I guess? As for me, my dad married an Irish woman. Lol. I wound up with black hair and fair skin, until I'm in the sun for an hour. My husband was first generation Irish-American. So Levi has blonde hair and blue eyes, but also gets Very brown. I was lucky enough that my grandfather gave him a Cherokee name on his deathbed (on my birthday). So yeah, I feel ya on the heritage. It's cool that we have that in common! (Sorry for rambling in your comments. Lol)
@danidee, yes, I think so (the food) and vision quests are amazing for some great insight into ourselves @allischaaff, thanks... she is very happy to not be the primary cook in the home again and even brags to her friends and coworkers when she is bringing dinner from home to work (I always make sure its ready for her when she has to later than 4:30pm on her work days)
This is adorableeeee <3 your wife, what a pretty lady!! :D She's a lucky woman. I bet she digs your cooking skills! :D
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