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Hey amigos! Now I don't wanna start anything among us kpop fans. I just read an interesting article that made me laugh. I couldn't even get made. It is from Koreaboo. Supposedly, Korean kpop fans hate international kpop fans. lol. OH REALLY CTFU



hahaha bit there's more! we can understand it....
Oh can we buy more merchandise when websites are in a language we can't read....our stores don't provide kpop stuff. We can't dictate the market lol.
I think they are mad lol. Honestly, we all love kpop and we should support our kpop artists and each other.
Perhaps, they are just jealous and don't wanna share their kpop lol idk. But kpop artists lobe all their fans and that all that matters.
imma comment on all this in one go. 1. we don't have the same sayings as you. if you don't realize, there's a difference in cultures. 2. the idols seem to be understanding of it. it's called rules of the internet. and it's part of being famous. some even play about it too. yes SOME tend to mention idols not even featured in the video but don't get pissy cause they might be making a point. and we dont ruin the idols relationships with each other. 3. I watch so much stuff without it being in English or have subs. I just love hearing their voices. there are some things I try to find in English so I can compare the sound of the lyrics with the beat. and some things in subs so I can understand it better and get a better feel for the idols. 4. we don't pretend to know everything. we only know what we hear, read, and see. I haven't heard a single international fan insult a Korean fan. their reason is cause they're butthurt over sharing their idols. we try to understand. spread rumors? do you know how many rumors I heard? 2 or 3 and they were created by haters. not fans. we don't play dumb about anything. 5. really? I say anyone is being too harsh if they act like a dick to the idol. Korean or not. no one said Korean fans are dumb. we never said we were geniuses. you know more about the idols and culture. I'm not denying that. we don't spend money for them? is that why I have shit ton of kpop stuff in my wish list on Amazon? or why every time I go to a store I try to see if there's any kpop stuff? or how I bout kpop apps? or even how I always try to find sites to buy kpop stuff, including tickets? hopeless? is that why they travel to our countries and sell out tickets, talk to fans, and buy stuff they like? not all of us spread rumors and some of you do too. sorry we don't all know Korean. some idols don't fully know it either. they are from different places. remember that shit. they were international fans before they were idols. sorry we want to understand the people that inspire us and, for some like me, saved us from death and other dark places without even knowing we exist. we don't bash the culture. do you know how many of us are loners even in our families just because we listen to kpop and they don't understand why? if we weren't open minded we wouldn't listen to kpop. it takes an open mind to listen to another country's music and admire their culture. in closing. don't start shit
@glostick right kpop has helped me soo much and korean shows too ive never learned a language this fast korean has been so easy and im learning alot and thats my only problem lol is being semi jealous that they have more merch over there then we do but I dont hate them
@Marilovexoxo I agree. It also helps out those of us who are learning Korean. I have nothing against international fans. But it is soo much harder to get kpop merchandise here in the US without having to wait a ridiculous amount of time just for it to be shipped.
I think this is so funny I think they just dont want to share abd the part that says they do t like us because we want everything in english is dumb because most of us like hearing them in Korean , like myself the main reason I like kpop is because its not english
@CrystalBlunt I agree. I feel like international fans support more. We have to search all over to find and buy kpop merchandise. Most can't just hop around the corner to a nearby store. We have to wait for translations of media. We have to wait forever for a concert and most of the time it's held on in about four locations that are no where near us. We have to educate ourselves about the culture of our kpop artists to better understand them.
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