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Drama in the World of Kpop Fandom
Hey amigos! Now I don't wanna start anything among us kpop fans. I just read an interesting article that made me laugh. I couldn't even get made. It is from Koreaboo. Supposedly, Korean kpop fans hate international kpop fans. lol. OH REALLY CTFU



hahaha bit there's more! we can understand it....
Oh can we buy more merchandise when websites are in a language we can't read....our stores don't provide kpop stuff. We can't dictate the market lol.
I think they are mad lol. Honestly, we all love kpop and we should support our kpop artists and each other.
Perhaps, they are just jealous and don't wanna share their kpop lol idk. But kpop artists lobe all their fans and that all that matters.
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and Idols love their intl fans because they show love in ways that maybe Korean fan know nothing about. lol.
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what i don't get is American pop fans don't hate on them for loving American Idols. Lets be truly jonest all KPOP Idols have huge fans of American Idols from Tina Tuner , Missy Elliot, Snoop, Janet jackson. I mean in BB studio theres a wall photo of Janet Jackson. TOP love him some Biggie and Jay Z. Ask any idol who are their inspiration and theyvdont list kpop Idols but American Hip Hop R&B Rock Soft Rock Idols. So if they Idols can appreciate American Idols than American fans appreciate them more. Suga doesn't now English but loves Ice Cube and NWA. how can I not love Him for loving legends in the Hip Hop world. Korean fans need to learn the roots of the Idols history in music before throwing stones. And maybe...just Maybe they will understand Int. Fans. real talk. So many Idols appreciate their Int fans more because unlike Korean fans some will go the distance to meet them attend a concert sign up to thier fan club etc.
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yawl remember when GD said I wanna marry Rhinna Kor fans went crazy. and I was like "Get It Son" lol
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I'm an American Kpop fan and a lot of people ask me "Do you even know what they are saying?" And I tell them "No 😂 but I love the music still" and some will be like "what if they're putting down America?" And I'll give them the dumbest look ever and tell them "If they are then damn they do not have a life but the music is still good" And honestly the only the that I look up with English subs are like interviews or their mini shows they do. I don't look up the lyrics I just jam out to the music. I don't really do the OTP thing because I've never understood that. With merchandise the only reason I do not buy any is because I don't have my own credit card to buy from Amazon or another website. Man if my parents were like "Here you go your own card" then my credit card will be maxed out with me buying every album from debut to now, buying posters, buying bags, keychains, and buying every drama that I love. And I do take the time to translate if my bias posts something. Yes I understand there are some people out there that request English but maybe that's because they are from Spain or Germany or somewhere where they are well in English and know that their bias doesn't know German or Spanish or another language Most likely this does not make any sense but I do not care because I'm just venting
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Here is my own experience as I cannot really comment on anything outside what I personally do or have experienced first-hand. I have never felt any negativity from Korean fans or any fans outside of my own country... or even my fellow American Kpop fans. I only buy my idol's music through iTunes. I do not illegally download any music. The only time I get it for free is when the artist offers it for free. Period. I buy my merchandise straight from the source or from authorized dealers. I pay top dollar (within my budgetary limitations) to see them live. BIGBANG had only 5 shows here in the states, one in Mexico and one in Canada. That was their entire American leg of the MADE tour. 7 shows!!! I am lucky that I live in LA and had two venues close enough to go to. The cheapest nose-bleed seats were just under $80 per ticket. Floor seats were $600+ and both LA shows were sold out!!! The LA show at Staples Center was in the Top 10 highest grossing shows in 2015... Over $1,000,000 for a single show. That's Top 10 for every artist internationally and domestic.... so that includes American artists. In one show us American fans made our idols over a MILLION dollars!!! So we play a big and important role in the Kpop community. I spent $45 on a shirt that is way too big for me because the smaller sizes were already sold out by the time I got to the front of the line at the merch booth. I enjoy the music in it's Korean form as it was intended and I love when they add some English. But Kpop as a whole has broadened my horizons and made me want to learn Korean so I won't need subtitles one day and won't need to look for English translations. I am fascinated by Korean culture and society. I am constantly reading articles and looking things up to help me better understand the beautiful country my idols come from. I feel this fandom has in a sense, actually brought me closer to Korea, it's people and given me a better understanding of their way of life. Am I an expert? By no means whatsoever. I do not claim to be. I am a novice, but I want to learn. I mostly watch Korean TV now and yes, they have English subtitles. I am studying Korean and I am only a beginner. I have researched a teaching position in South Korea and am seriously considering it. I am preparing to audition for some of the Kpop companies. South Korea went from a tiny blip on my radar (not meant as an offense, just as a fact), to a major and important part of my life. I knew South and North Korea existed. I could point to them on a map. I knew they were populated by Koreans who are classified, racially, as Asian. I knew they had beautiful skin. I knew a couple actors I like (American) are of Korean nationality. I knew their written language consisted of characters in place of a lettering system. I knew South Korea was the nice Korea, not the one run by a seemingly crazy dictatorial line who has closed their borders off to the outside world and created their own version of world history. Other than that, I knew very little. Part of that is perhaps what people from other countries might call "American Ignorance". Yes, I was ignorant to a lot of the culture and ways of Korea. But I think there are many in Korea who are ignorant to our ways. A lot of Foreigners have an exaggerated idea of our way of life. Most of it is probably rooted in some fact, but it is still not always accurate. I am proud to be American. I am also proud to be learning Korean and about the way of life of another person (or people). Kpop has broadened my horizons. It has taught me many things. I am a better person because of it. Every day I wake up with a hunger to learn more. South Korea has gone from no where on my list of places I want to visit (simply because I never thought about it) to the number 2 spot. It's only behind the country my family is from. So what does that say about international Kpop fans? I think in general we are open-minded and first and foremost we love our idols and their music. We can get crazy sometimes and we are pretty awesome at fangirling (we've got that part nailed). We are patient as we have to wait years for them tour here and even then they do, they may not even come near where we live. We also have to wait a long time for merch to be shipped to us. We are excited, but who isn't? We are talking idols here! Everyone gets excited over their idols. The paparazzi wouldn't have a job if fans didn't. We don't keep our celebrities to ourselves, we share them with the world. I think it says something incredible about the talent and creative genius (as well as top notch marketing departments) behind this industry and these artists, that Kpop has become such a global phenomenon. This should be a point of pride for Korean fans that we too want a piece of their fandom. We want to share in their music and learn about their way of life. I think there is so much evil in this world. Tragedy strikes every day. Wouldn't it be nice if all Kpop fans could come together, be nice to one another and happily share our passion for our idols and their music? We have far more in common with one another than we are different. Our nationality doesn't change that. I'd like to see Kpop fans from all walks of life come together to be a driving force of good. We don't need another thing to drive us apart.
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