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I had the opportunity of sitting down and interviewing Simone, better known as Miss Suber. This lovely beauty is twenty-three years old and originally from New York. Jamaica, Queens to be exact. She graduated in 2013 from the University of North Carolina. Simone doesn't have a YouTube, but plans on starting a channel in the near future. She plans to create create a lifestyle channel full of fashion inspiration and lifestyle inspiration. Simone mentioned that she is mainly starting a YouTube channel because she gets a lot of questions pertaining to how she got to New York. She said, "Instead of texting people and having phone calls, I'm like let me just make a channel because I'm sure more people want to know about this." Sounds like a good plan if you ask me. If you're interested in learning more about Miss Suber and her love with everything beauty and fashion -- keep scrolling for the full interview seen below.
Q: How long have you been into makeup and fashion? A: Oh my gosh. Um, fashion since forever. Since I was six I wanted to be a fashion designer. I took classes at FIT and local universities for like fashion illustration and design. I started getting into makeup more seriously, I would say since I graduated in 2013. So like once I got a new job and discovering YouTube it's like you want to try everything. I just feel like makeup in general has been more exposed. You know like, you can't see any Kardashian look without being like how did she get that look. Like contouring and strobing. Q: Where or who do you get most of your inspiration from? A: I get a lot of my inspiration from Tumblr and all of the cute girls on Instagram, but I kind of borrow what I like and adapt it to my style. I don't really say, "this look is in so I'm going to do this." Q: Favorite YouTuber? A: Ummm, no. That's bad. I can't call out one because a lot of YouTubers are my friends. Q: If you could give one beauty tip to beginners, what would it be? A: Um, choose one feature and play that up like crazy. Play around with that first and build on that. I love lashes, so I would be like "let me perfect these lashes". I would say something about brows, but I feel like everyone would say that.
Q: Must have makeup item for the fall? A: A brown lip pencil. Q: A bold eye or an amazing pop of color lip? A: Pop of color on the lips. For sure. Q: Lip liner or eye liner? A: Hmmmm. Lip liner. I didn't know how important lip liner was until recently. Q: One word to describe your taste in makeup. A: Classic.
Q: Favorite makeup item? A: My lashes. Oh my gosh. Q: Favorite brand of makeup? A: MAC. The lip colors. I only wear matte and they are always so creamy and stay on. You can't beat it. Q: Favorite clothing item at the moment? A: Oh my gosh. I have this long sleeve crop top that goes with everything. It is my ride or die. You can dress it up or dress it down with like ripped jeans or a sick boot or a leather pencil skirt and an amazing stiletto. Q: Have you always been into fashion and beauty? A: Yes, to fashion. Beauty, I've always been into beauty, but not always makeup. I used to be very natural and no frills. Now I'm getting into the special effects of makeup.
Q: What's one makeup faux pa that drives you crazy? A: Oh my gosh. Let me think. I can't stand thin brows or brows that are too blocky. Q: One fashion tip that you live by? A: Always be comfortable. I feel weird when I wear flats and it took me a long time to accept that. I'm not being over the top if I'm always wearing a heel because a heel makes me feel comfortable. Flats make me feel extremely uncomfortable. Q: Leather jacket or Boyfriend Jeans? A: Leather jacket. I don't have a boyfriend. Leather jacket all the way, it's a New York statement. Q: What would be your perfect go to outfit for the fall? A: Perfect go to outfit would be high waist denim. A sick closed toe boot with a chunky heel for like stomping the pavement around the city. A nice turtleneck crop top and a perfect leather jacket. Now I have to go find these things.
I hope you enjoyed this interview with the lovely Miss Suber. She definitely makes talking about fashion and beauty exciting. Then again, when is it not exciting? Be sure to follow Simone on social media! Instagram: @misssuber & Twitter: @misssuber