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Today is a sad day for Pittsburgh Pirates fans.

Pirates rookie shortstop Jung Ho Kang suffered a broken left leg and torn knee ligament in Thursday's 9-6 loss to the Chicago Cubs and will miss the rest of the regular season and postseason.
The injury occurred during a questionable slide play from Chicago Cubs player Chris Coghlan. As numerous key players have been injured over the past couple of seasons in pivotal moments, the question must be posed: is it time for a change?
"It's an unfortunate circumstance," Coghlan said. "I hate that he's hurt. I really do. I sent him over a letter. I hope he's OK."
This isn't the first time that Coghlan has been involved in a play like this, as he tookout a Tampa Bay Rays player in 2009. "You never want to injure anybody. At the same time, you have to play the game hard."
This type of slide has been used across baseball for decades by players (including Kang himself as you can see above) to break up double plays. With that being said, we have seen many players hurt by this play.

What do you think, should baseball continue to allow this slide continue or adjust the rules to take this out of the game?

tough break for Kang, a really good player doing good things for MLB's international fandom. but i don't think the rule should change. i'm good with the rule change that outlawed taking out the catcher but i would hate to see baseball turn into a totally 'soft' sport.
@jeff4122 I disagree. The "It's baseball" excuse needs to stop. And baseball won't turn into a 'soft' sport just because players are getting injured less.
I see what you mean. But it strikes me as an occupational hazard. If the slide is real bad then the offending player should be suspended. but the practice should not be outlawed