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Hollywood ‘Insiders’ Named ‘Friends’ The Best TV Show Of All-Time

What is the best show of all-time? We could go back and forth on this one all day, but have no fear, The Hollywood Reporter is here to give us insight on this one.
According to people within the industry who create the shows we watch on a daily basis, Friends is the best show to ever grace television.
The Hollywood Reporter sat down with 2,800 people within the field to find out their favorite shows of all time.
The list of the top 10 is below:
10. The Simpsons
9. Mad Men
8. I Love Lucy
7. SNL
6. The Sopranos
5. Seinfeld
4. Game Of Thrones
3. The X-Files
2. Breaking Bad
1. Friends
I don't know about this one.
While Friends was a great show, there are a bunch of shows that I liked more and had a greater impact on the culture (The Simpsons, Seinfeld, The Sopranos, etc.)
This is the prime example of why we shouldn't leave voting for awards to the actors in the field. But hey, thats my take on this one, what do you think, is Friends the best show of all-time?
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