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Forgive me... Your feels are about to go for a ride 😵
First I'm going to beat them up a little with the tragically beautiful and sad song, "Heaven" from our girl Ailee....sorry... its just so beautiful and makes me think of the wife of one of my dear friends I lost during one of my deployments to Afghanistan
Then I will kiss them all better with this hilarious, fun and bubbly song from the young goddess, IU called "Red Shoes"...get ready to dance
The whole "Modern Times" album that "Red Shoes" is from is amazing, so glad I bought it!! Ailee's "Heaven" was one of the earliest K-Pop music videos I saw, so incredible, yet hauntingly sad at the same time....
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all amazing @MattK95
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Honestly every song IU does is amazing, I haven't heard one I don't like, which is pretty rare
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I agree completely @MattK95
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