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Regardless of the situation he is in within his label,Lil Wayne wants the world to know he's the best rapper alive.

During a sitdown on ESPN’s Cari Champion’s podcast “Be Honest," The New Orleans native shared his thoughts on where he stands in the rap game, and through a slight jab at his artist Drake.
Wayne gave an update on his upcoming album Carter V, ("I’m in the studio every single day. I’m not working on any certain thing, I just be working. So for me to say this or that, I’d be lying. I do have Tha Carter V finished, though. What I am working on right now is a way, a deal, and a comfortable deal to put Tha Carter V out,") but highlight was his comment about his artist Drake.
When asked who’s a better rapper between him and Drake right now. Wayne replied, “I annihilate that guy,” while laughing.
Lil Wayne is one of the best rappers alive, but Drake at this point in his career in on another level.
Drake is entering the prime of his career and possesses an array of ways to capture listeners. He can sing and rap. His song making skills in the top tier right now in rap music.
While I respect Lil Wayne and he was probably joking when he said he would slaughter Drake, he was off on this one. Drake at worst would hold his own.
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the author of this one is RETARDED. Lil Wayne is The Best Rapper alive, his creativity off the head flow capability, insight , metaphors and in all NOBODY IS SEEING HIM IN THE RAP GAME. I THINK HIS TIGHT PANTS ARE LAME, and HOMO possibly, but HE IS THE MAN! On that flow all must bow to him! Drake would still be in the trailer park in Canada working at a grocery store getting carts if Lil Wayne had not put him on, the nerve of that disloyal punk. I'd cancel his contract and let him fly solo without Cash Money. Cut your Eyebrows....lmao