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The Kanye West 2020 campaign was considered a joke by many at first, but it's starting to gain steam.

The Chicago native has picked up a couple votes of support from celebs and major politicians. Today, fans show their support of Ye' 2020 by creating his first presidential commercial.
A Yeezy fan has gone all out with, a Kanye 4 Prez site which features a fan made campaign video with cuts of Kanye’s epic MTV VMAs speech spliced with photos of ‘Ye with Kim and his daughter, portraying the presidential hopeful as a true family man.
There's two ways to see this:
1-The creator of this site has entirely too much time on his hands.
2-This guy is a genius and could is playing a pivotal role in a serious campaign that could come to pass in four years.

I'm no the fence on this one, what do you think?