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So, I just came back from watching The Scorch Trials and can I just say.... IT WAS BLOODY AMAZING. Can I be honest though? After watching the movie, I kinda wish I hadn't read the book first. Because if you're a book fan of any series, then you'll understand when a kind of despair and frustration sets in when you realise that NOTHING in the movie is like the book. This was just that. Save for a few scenes when Thomas was with Brenda.
Not even joking, I get it was a combination of The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure, but to change and remove absolutely essential and climatic scenes is a big no-no for me. That just destroys the purpose of a well written book then. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it thoroughly. I watched it in 4DX and it was worth every penny. The Cranks were a lot better than I imagined them to be and scared the shit out of my sister so well done for that xD All in all, I enjoyed it thoroughly and wouldn't mind watching it again, given the opportunity. Just slightly disappointed that it did not go with the book. Dylan was fantastic, as always tho Thank you for reading for long and boring rant, something I've been thinking about and wanted off my chest.
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great movie cant wait till the third one
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i should not miss it.
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Whoa.....what is 4DX!? Sounds mad cool and high tech!
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@mchlyang 4DX is like 3D with just a more effects like actual water, smoke and whatnot which you can feel irl just as it is happening in the movie. Gives a whole new experience. :D
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could u give me the address of that site u downloaded ??
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